29 Jan 2012

Late Night Bloghopping 5

...Yep. Haven't done this in a long time. Just suddenly had the random thought of doing this again. So here goes...

  • The Clever Sheep: A blog with an appropriate header picture that describes a clever title. His posts tend to revolve around learning and Creative Commons, most of which I believe our teachers and other professional coaches in Singapore should be reading!
  • Growing Dreams: Shows the not-so-ordinary life of a woman with a few kids, having transitioned from newspaper article writing to nursing, and interested in improving health care within the community.
  • CLAS Villanova Uni Blog: A special blog meant to disseminate info about the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Villanova University... wonder why my school doesn't have such a blog? Then again with a Facebook page(inactive) and a regular email newsletter there's probably no need to...

24 Jan 2012


...erm... yeah...

...so, where are you from?

Hello? I said where are you from?

Oh, you're from there? Huh.

...what? No I wasn't making fun of you! It's just... I knew someone from there once.

20 Jan 2012

Past Entry 15

25 September 2011

Well hello there. I've just witnessed the finish of the Grand Prix race here in Singapore. Vettel's not confirmed champion yet, so things are still intense. Also I've just written a really lengthy post, partly in a sort of practice in preparation for the GP promotional exams in less than 2 days time.

Speaking of which, how will I do for the exams? Will I get promoted to Year 6? Or will I screw up really badly and have to retake an entire year from scratch?!? That's what I dread, because that would mean having to deal with the same boring topics all over again, and tackling the stupid PW segment one more time!!! Well even if I DID pass the promotional exams, that doesn't necessarily mean I'll also pass the HMT 'A' Level exams. Well if I pass the HCL promo exam there's a good chance I'll be fine later, but I'd never truly know what could happen. And retaking HCL is almost as dreadful as retaking PW, because next year the HCL syllabus will change dramatically! That would be a headache for me to re-digest the newly formatted information.

16 Jan 2012

The Dragon Cometh

Once again Chinese New Year is approaching again. Being the only Chinese-related holiday that's celebrated in Singapore as a public holiday, a lot of us are excited. Or at least supposed to be. With four more days to the long weekend for Singaporeans, most of us are getting things planned quickly; applying for off-days to extend the break, finishing off work before the weekend, doing spring cleaning and planning for reunion dinners etc. 

This year would also be the year that Chinese couples may try to conceive a child to earn the prestigious title of the parents of a "dragon baby". And also the year where there'll probably be a surge in students taking PSLE near the end of the year.

9 Jan 2012

One More Year

Yup. One more year of education coming up. More specifically my last year in Raffles Institution if things go smoothly for 2012. And to "kick things off" there was the Homecoming 2012 event that occurred today. You know, the usual "it's so great to see you guys again" speech, the other "do your very best and enjoy your final year here" speech, the music performance, the montage of photos/clips to remind the batch of just how wonderful/terrifying 2011 was...

One unique thing that happened was the so-called class breakfast where classmates would sit together in the canteen with the CTs. Except we didn't actually eat breakfast with the CTs; they just met us and gave a quick few announcements before disappearing off. The rest of us just lingered around in the canteen, while the somewhat-average performers on the temporary stage in the canteen performed simple renditions of popular songs. Never bothered to queue up for the food as the line stretched out pretty long.

1 Jan 2012

2011 + 1

Welp. We made it. Humanity has survived another long(short to some) year on Earth. Thankfully we haven't been wiped out yet.

Well technically the other side of the world hasn't reached 2012 yet. That's when I engage in one of my recent traditions: witnessing the New Year Ball drop in New York. Thanks to the wonders of technology I won't be needing to teleport over there or buy an emergency flight ticket, but instead watching a live stream of the event. And I get to interact with others online in the chat room too!

Unlike previous years I'm currently not at home at midnight of the first day of 2012, but I'm with my family at another countdown dinner at some country club. Might be better than cooping up at home watching the TV while surfing the net. Or not?