4 Dec 2011


So we're in December now. We in Singapore will not get to have a white snowy Christmas (unless global warming somehow inverts weather patterns) but we may still get a cold one due to monsoon rain. We may not get to enjoy the warmth radiating from a fireplace (is it even legal to do so here???) but we can still get warm and cozy with a blanket and some hot chocolate/tea, coupled with snuggling alongside a loved one.

For many of Singapore's students December's a "golden" month because it's the longest holiday break in the year. The time when we can rest without worrying about project work or midyear/year-end exams (though there'd probably be holiday assignment and small tests still). For those in Primary 6, Secondary 4 and JC 2 December's probably even sweeter because you're practically free to do what you want until the year ends! No concern about holiday homework at all.

It's also a month when all the social gatherings get crammed in. Being temporarily unburdened from school activity, gathering events with schoolmates and other friends will spring up in December like poppy flowers in a battle ground. Shopping malls will get filled up with buzzing teens hanging around doing stuff. Cinemas will probably be fully booked by such groups who want to spend quality time together watching a new movie. However I've yet to see a class LAN party in my lifetime, nor hear of such events from other people!

There's also the traditional barbecue lunch/dinner with "pot luck" snacks. Others may afford to organise a poolside party. I am probably the least likely person to organise or participate in either of those, even though I do have access to both facilities nearby...

That doesn't mean I can't spend December indulging in leisurely activity. Physical human companionship isn't crucial (but can be beneficial anyway) for every type of leisure. I just have to keep myself in check and remember to prepare for more bothersome obstacles in 2012. Whether the world will end in 2012 or not, next year will be important for me: in the apocalyptic scenario, 2012 would be my last precious year in my life, so I might as well make the best out of it. In the better non-apocalyptic scenario, I still have to put my best effort in attaining excellent results for the 'A' Level exams to pave way for better future opportunities.

But that can wait. Right now I'm still in a time when I should be having fun.

Maybe we can all ask Santa for a non-apocalyptic future as our Christmas present?