10 Dec 2011

Past Entry 12

16th June, some time in the wee early hours of the morning

About time I got to do another Past Entry. I'm awake again and I don't think I can fall back to sleep, so I'm blogging again. And to suit the occasion, this post is scheduled to be published on the day of the second lunar eclipse! Either this will remind myself then about what a spectacular view the lunar eclipse was, or if I don't get to see it in just a while, it'll be a reminder to not miss this next chance. And probably through a live feed since it'll be visible from the opposite side of Earth...

But by the time the second lunar eclipse pops up, the whole of Year 5 would be over. Perhaps I'll be relaxing just like now, except without the problems of exams popping up immediately after the holidays. On the other hand, I might be partially worried about the fact that I am running out of time to prepare for 'A' levels. And the thought of what comes immediately after 'A' levels scares me a lot. Seriously.

Being in secondary school has already helped me learn that the relative length of time gets shorter with age. Pretty soon I might find that 5 years would fly by in a flash, and later maybe 10. Children would suddenly morph into adults in front of your eyes, classmates you once knew suddenly become successful parents... When you don't know how much time you have left, it can be quite scary.

At this moment I'm kinda hoping that technology would be advanced enough to let me live much much longer than now, like at least old enough to live through the next century. Ideally I want immortality, but maybe if I live to the 22nd century technology may advance even more and become capable of extending my lifespan even more?

I'm not really sure if I'll be able to see the lunar eclipse later. I've been seeing a bit of lightning strikes and some clouds so there a chance that the red moon may end up being blocked, leaving spectators disappointed. So if I don't get to see anything later on, hopefully second try in December would be successful!

("A total lunar eclipse" = "O! A pale scarlet, unlit.")