31 Dec 2011

Last Day of 2011

So here we are, on the teetering point between 2011 and 2012. The past year has been really crazy for a lot of people. Many events took place that were, in a way, unforgettable. Deaths of famous people, deaths of millions of innocents, progression in one society, regression in another...

One really early event at the start of 2011 was the attempted assassination of a congresswoman in Arizona. Luckily she survived, but unfortunately other innocent bystanders were killed by the shooter. Then there were the protests in Libya that caused quite a stir, especially for the world economy, and led to resignation of the president. After that, the tragic earthquake cum tsunami double whammy struck Japan, and created a nuclear scare for a while. That probably stood out the most among the natural disasters that happened in 2011.

Then there was also the over-hyped Royal Wedding back in the UK, where so many people from around the world got to see live coverage of the whole ceremony. And also scoffed at a certain infamous hairpiece. Suddenly, news of Osama bin Laden's death broke out and evoked past memories of the 9/11 event. Other deaths followed: Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, and most recently Kim Jong Il.

This year has also been a personal turning point too. Being thrust into another tier of education, dealing with an entirely new class and group of teachers, things were really unfamiliar. I wasn't really used to the lecture-tutorial system, as were many others who treated the lecture theatre as a temporary sleeping room. The lethargy was scarily infectious and I wasn't spared of the sleepy bug.

I also learned of the condemned subject known as Project Work, where formed bonds between classmates were put to the test, and sales of coffee and aspirin/Panadol shot up, along with the numerous requests for interviews. I had to deal with Chinese lessons for one more year(and hopefully not another year more).

Isn't it a shame to have a crucial moment of my education take place in the rumored "Final Year on Earth"? As if the pressure to ace our 'A' Level exams wasn't bad enough, we also have to worry about whether this will be even worth it in the end, whether it's even worth trying hard for exams that we may or may not get to know the results depending on the fate of our planet.

If 2012 does go smoothly and we're all still nicely alive, then 2013 would seem like a fantastic year to everybody. Perhaps a boost in optimism on life. Maybe even a boost in population???