31 Dec 2011

Last Day of 2011

So here we are, on the teetering point between 2011 and 2012. The past year has been really crazy for a lot of people. Many events took place that were, in a way, unforgettable. Deaths of famous people, deaths of millions of innocents, progression in one society, regression in another...

One really early event at the start of 2011 was the attempted assassination of a congresswoman in Arizona. Luckily she survived, but unfortunately other innocent bystanders were killed by the shooter. Then there were the protests in Libya that caused quite a stir, especially for the world economy, and led to resignation of the president. After that, the tragic earthquake cum tsunami double whammy struck Japan, and created a nuclear scare for a while. That probably stood out the most among the natural disasters that happened in 2011.

Then there was also the over-hyped Royal Wedding back in the UK, where so many people from around the world got to see live coverage of the whole ceremony. And also scoffed at a certain infamous hairpiece. Suddenly, news of Osama bin Laden's death broke out and evoked past memories of the 9/11 event. Other deaths followed: Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, and most recently Kim Jong Il.

25 Dec 2011

Joyeux Noël

"C'mon honey, must I even get into this stupid outfit? It itches, and I doubt Bobby would even wake up and see me as —"

"Nick, just do it. He could be staying awake peeking from his bedroom, and if he sees you as you are sneaking presents, what would he think?"

"Honey, he's already ten. He should know by now that the big red guy doesn't really exist —"

"— and crush his hopes like that? He's still a boy! Let him believe what he wants for now. Just quietly put the gifts underneath the tree dressed as Santa - shouldn't take more than ten minutes - and you can come back into bed with me and snuggle under the sheets." 

Her warm reassuring smile mismatched her cold stern stare into Nick's eyes. Still, the reward of huddling together with a loved one in bed, while the cold snowy weather raged on outside, was a strong enough incentive for him to oblige.

As she made her way back into the master bedroom, he clumsily manipulated his body to fit into the dust-ridden red suit and put on the grey beard. Ugh! The prop reeked of sweat and alcohol. When was the last time that was washed? 

24 Dec 2011

Almost There

I might put up something special here later. Or not. Depends if there's still time by the time I make it back here after dinner and possibly some spectating of a mass caroling event.

Oh well... if you're bothered to wait, you could stay tuned to this blog.

18 Dec 2011

The 12 Days of Schoolmas

On the 1st day of Xmas, my teachers gave to me
Some homework to be done by January.

On the 2nd day of Xmas, my teachers gave to me
2 online quizzes
And some homework to be done by January.

On the 3rd day of Xmas, my teachers gave to me
3 email reminders
2 online quizzes
And some homework to be done by January.

10 Dec 2011

Past Entry 12

16th June, some time in the wee early hours of the morning

About time I got to do another Past Entry. I'm awake again and I don't think I can fall back to sleep, so I'm blogging again. And to suit the occasion, this post is scheduled to be published on the day of the second lunar eclipse! Either this will remind myself then about what a spectacular view the lunar eclipse was, or if I don't get to see it in just a while, it'll be a reminder to not miss this next chance. And probably through a live feed since it'll be visible from the opposite side of Earth...

But by the time the second lunar eclipse pops up, the whole of Year 5 would be over. Perhaps I'll be relaxing just like now, except without the problems of exams popping up immediately after the holidays. On the other hand, I might be partially worried about the fact that I am running out of time to prepare for 'A' levels. And the thought of what comes immediately after 'A' levels scares me a lot. Seriously.

6 Dec 2011

Past Entry 14

6th September 2011, 11+ pm

Tonight's going to be the first night that I'll be staying in my new home. We're still in the process of moving things over and rearranging stuff neatly, but now it's currently considered suitable for my family to stay and sleep over. 

Well so far I haven't really had any strong feelings of remorse or homesickness yet, which is kind of a good start. I was initially harbouring immediate thoughts of objection and disbelief when I first heard the news that we would be moving house this year, and to a smaller unit too. There wouldn't be a similar balcony garden or spacious living room, and the bedrooms would be a fraction of the current one I was in. It seemed more of a downgrade since we were already staying in a mansionette unit...

I'm not really sure when to schedule this post yet, but perhaps by then I would have gotten quite used to this place, and maybe even enjoy this place. However I also don't want to forget the place where I have lived for about 17 years. I practically grew up in that house, in that suburban neighbourhood not nearby shopping malls or offices but consisting of friendly coffee shops and local supermarkets, along with a nice park. Now this new home is quite the opposite, being close to a hotspot for activity, and having the advantages of proximity and convenience to facilities and modes of transportation.

4 Dec 2011


So we're in December now. We in Singapore will not get to have a white snowy Christmas (unless global warming somehow inverts weather patterns) but we may still get a cold one due to monsoon rain. We may not get to enjoy the warmth radiating from a fireplace (is it even legal to do so here???) but we can still get warm and cozy with a blanket and some hot chocolate/tea, coupled with snuggling alongside a loved one.

For many of Singapore's students December's a "golden" month because it's the longest holiday break in the year. The time when we can rest without worrying about project work or midyear/year-end exams (though there'd probably be holiday assignment and small tests still). For those in Primary 6, Secondary 4 and JC 2 December's probably even sweeter because you're practically free to do what you want until the year ends! No concern about holiday homework at all.