20 Nov 2011

One More Week

"It's so close I can feel it!"

I'm about to enter my last week of school lessons for the year. Scary and exhilarating. 

And for some reason I've left this blog alone for a little longer than expected. And still trying to sort out the ifttt thing so I can in some form announce a new blog post being published. No idea why Facebook wants to get rid of the feed-importing ability of Notes that let me import my own blog posts onto my Facebook wall for so long. 

If you're wondering what ifttt (if this than that) is, here's the website. It basically helps in automating tasks for you by triggering actions across different online platforms.

Also there's a reason why I say my last week of school lessons and not Year 5 students' last week. I unfortunately have been cursed/blessed with extra remedial lessons for the rest of the week. Not all batchmates get the same punishment/privilege so they might just have their last lesson tomorrow.

The kicker is that I also have to do a focus test(s) next year right before school reopens. That not only means I have to go back to school earlier, but I also have to undergo more revision beforehand. Which is probably the intended effect of having to do the test.

There's also the extra burden of a certain holiday research assignment to be handed up on the first day of school next year, but that's a standard for all students taking that subject so in that respect I'm not disadvantaged compared to my classmates.

Meanwhile the Christmas spirit is already spreading in the form of decorations and music. Living near a shopping mall, the effect is even more prominent to me, seeing flying reindeer and giant plastic candy canes and white cotton wool appearing within the compounds. And in some shops I can hear classics like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and The 12 Days of Christmas being piped through the speakers.

Well I guess that validates my action of putting this Christmas Nyan Cat here: