8 Nov 2011


We had not too long ago surpassed the 7 billion mark in terms of population size. Not really a completely a good or bad indicator of anything; the fact that we've reached such a big number shows just how far we've come in terms of survival and growth, but also hints at the growing severe problems of overcrowding or under-allocated resources to countries. Another so-called milestone is 11/11/11 on this coming Friday, which marks a once-in-a-century occurrence.

A personal milestone I've reached is the successful overcoming of the Year 5 promotional examinations. The thought of surpassing that barrier is relieving, but the hint of even bigger problems ahead are still daunting. Faster-paced teaching, more exams... yet all this could determine a big part of my future. Sure I know that failing in an epic manner doesn't mean the complete end of the world, but it's still quite a critical moment in my life, determining what kind of further obstacles I'll deal with and what future gains lie ahead for me.

A second milestone later on is the 4th anniversary of the creation of this blog. I know of people who have started their first blog in primary or secondary school on a whimsy, just to follow the trends then of keeping a personal blog. Then not long after they abandon the blogs. Some may come back and restart it, others may create a completely new one. I've managed to maintain my first and only personal blog for quite some time already. The reason why I say "personal" is because there were other blogs I've created, but for online school assignments. I remember the earliest one was a Chinese one on Multiply, supposedly to help us students brush up on our Chinese by keeping a simple regular weblog of our activities.

That reminds me, I could think of something to post on May 18th next year. Not really sure what to do yet... any suggestions??? :P