27 Nov 2011

Cat & Mouse

Another thing I like to do when bored on the Internet is to watch old cartoons. (Do I have an inclination towards vintage stuff???) To me today's cartoons filled with over-the-top action/drama/terminology/jokes can hardly rival classic humour. Back then cartoons were designed to appeal to both children and adults, instead of today's exclusive-to-kids shows, so the humour was more universally applicable.

One particular cartoon I liked to and still watch is the classic Tom & Jerry cartoons. When I was younger, during visits over at my grandfather's house I was usually stuck there with not much to do, so I cooped myself in a bedroom and watched Cartoon Network. Since I always went there at the same timeslot almost every weekend night, I got to watch the same thing: a series of Tom & Jerry classic shorts. Mind you the current modern ones have lost their appeal to me(and I suspect a lot of other viewers of my generation).

So here's a few Tom & Jerry videos I found over Youtube so that you may be able to enjoy their classic humour too! :)