30 Nov 2011

Past Entry 9

January 30th 2011

Sometimes life suddenly takes a really sharp turn and you get thrown off course for a while. Maybe you'll end up having to take a different path to get to your intended destination.

I had intended to take a certain route, but I hit upon two obstacles early this year, and I get forced to go off the road.

I currently don't know what this new path is like. The terrain is unfamiliar to me, and I don't know if I can pass.

When I read this again, I hope that I know what I'm talking about, and that I have managed to survive on this "wrong" way.

And that I'm still heading for my destination.

(This might be my shortest and most abstract Past Entry yet)

27 Nov 2011

Cat & Mouse

Another thing I like to do when bored on the Internet is to watch old cartoons. (Do I have an inclination towards vintage stuff???) To me today's cartoons filled with over-the-top action/drama/terminology/jokes can hardly rival classic humour. Back then cartoons were designed to appeal to both children and adults, instead of today's exclusive-to-kids shows, so the humour was more universally applicable.

One particular cartoon I liked to and still watch is the classic Tom & Jerry cartoons. When I was younger, during visits over at my grandfather's house I was usually stuck there with not much to do, so I cooped myself in a bedroom and watched Cartoon Network. Since I always went there at the same timeslot almost every weekend night, I got to watch the same thing: a series of Tom & Jerry classic shorts. Mind you the current modern ones have lost their appeal to me(and I suspect a lot of other viewers of my generation).

20 Nov 2011

One More Week

"It's so close I can feel it!"

I'm about to enter my last week of school lessons for the year. Scary and exhilarating. 

And for some reason I've left this blog alone for a little longer than expected. And still trying to sort out the ifttt thing so I can in some form announce a new blog post being published. No idea why Facebook wants to get rid of the feed-importing ability of Notes that let me import my own blog posts onto my Facebook wall for so long. 

If you're wondering what ifttt (if this than that) is, here's the website. It basically helps in automating tasks for you by triggering actions across different online platforms.

10 Nov 2011

The Good Old Days

[DISCLAIMER: This post is loaded with embedded Youtube videos]

Occasionally when I get bored on the Internet, I look at old commercials. Of course that's after I get bored of present-day videos on Youtube, but the same platform also contains a wealth of vintage commercials that serve as a window into the past(even before my birth!). Some reflect just how much simpler life was compared to now; some showed how little people knew then; some gave an insight on the past culture and background of the intended audience. It's like a really simple form of archaeology that deals with a way more recent time period.

Back in the 60s people didn't really know about the dangers of smoking(it could be argued that cigarettes of that time were made less toxic though), so there were lots of advertisements encouraging people to smoke, even claiming that doctors recommend it for good health!

Companies even went as far as to use family cartoons to convince the public to smoke, as seen in these Flintstone advertisements. Surely something that would be highly objected today:

And back then it wasn't weird to pair up smoking with Christmas spirit:

8 Nov 2011


We had not too long ago surpassed the 7 billion mark in terms of population size. Not really a completely a good or bad indicator of anything; the fact that we've reached such a big number shows just how far we've come in terms of survival and growth, but also hints at the growing severe problems of overcrowding or under-allocated resources to countries. Another so-called milestone is 11/11/11 on this coming Friday, which marks a once-in-a-century occurrence.

A personal milestone I've reached is the successful overcoming of the Year 5 promotional examinations. The thought of surpassing that barrier is relieving, but the hint of even bigger problems ahead are still daunting. Faster-paced teaching, more exams... yet all this could determine a big part of my future. Sure I know that failing in an epic manner doesn't mean the complete end of the world, but it's still quite a critical moment in my life, determining what kind of further obstacles I'll deal with and what future gains lie ahead for me.