5 Oct 2011

Temporary Relief

Well the good news is I don't have to go to school for the rest of the week, since now the exam scripts are under the scrutiny of examiners toiling away to allocate the grades that each of us students rightfully deserve. Of course we know that there will be discrepancies, but they still try.

The bad news is there's still Project Work and Chinese left for me to prepare for and conquer. I've looked at the rescheduled timetables and I have mixed feelings, but more inclined to negative ones. Sure there are more free periods, but those are mostly used for revision or preparation purposes. And now there's way more time allocated to those aforementioned subjects, together with the other lectures.

Still this is a good time to slack around for a bit, not to the point of severe physical and mental atrophy, but at least enough to dissipate all the bottled-up stress accumulated from preparation for the earlier tested subjects. No point really worrying about how I did for past tests while getting ready for future ones.

Well there are some students there are already planning on class outings, but I expect they would be severely limited in choice of itinerary due to the wet weather we've been having recently. And let's hope this horrid weather wouldn't maintain during the Subaru Challenge this year. Can't believe it's already in its 10th year already! And they're letting past contenders who've clocked in at least 75 hours in a past challenge to participate again, so that would be interesting. I remembered one of the challenges had to deal with heavy monsoon winds and downpours as it went past Halloween.

Speaking of which it's really quite a disappointment that the Night Safari Halloween Horrors event has been cancelled. Kinda amusing to see how the new CEO fumbles around trying to justify the decision, but still a real shame that many tourists and locals alike are let down. Last time I heard that one reason was that these activities would disturb and possibly traumatise the resident nocturnal creatures, which are accustomed to a quieter and darker environment. Well then why hasn't this been an issue for several years? And I think the animals would already have adapted to a noisier environment by now...

Anyway after this nice tiny break, I will have to plunge back into the battlefield again and race against time to make sure I'm prepared enough for the last two subjects to deal with in the year of 2011. Not sure if it's truly a coincidence that my Chinese 'A' Level exam is on 31st of October itself. Even after that the year-end holiday period isn't really as long as before. It's due to compensation for the long lesson-free "honeymoon period" at the start of this year.

Let's hope whatever efforts I have put in, and will further add on later, won't be for naught... :/