23 Oct 2011


Oh goodness. Tomorrow morning Year 5 students in RI will be in for a rude shock or a pleasant surprise. Promotional examination results will be revealed. When we receive our marked scripts and spot our marks, some of us will heave sighs of relief, some will have their eyes light up instantly with delight, some will feel their heart sink into unknown depths.

Some will safely progress onto the next level of JC 2 / Year 6, some others may fall behind to their disbelief. I really hope I'm in the former category. The odds are in my favour technically, but I don't know if I may end up dropping a subject, which is what I dread.

Unfortunately I still have 2 subjects to deal with, PW & Chinese. I sure don't want to end up being depressed by my promo results and consequently do worse in those subjects, especially Chinese!

I can't really change anything now, unless somehow I can rewrite history to benefit myself, perhaps tell my past self the correct answers and improve my test scores. Well I can still improve my situation via the 2 aforementioned subjects, but to a limited degree.

I hope nobody tomorrow will play a sad song on the world's smallest violin for me over my results. Or a "Game Over" music track. I'd much rather hear victory music. Or just any kind of happy music!