4 Sep 2011


As I'm typing this in, I'm using last precious moments of time. Not just precious in the sense that there's limited time for pre-exam preparation, but also in that tomorrow afternoon our Internet line will switch over to the new house...

And if you haven't heard yet, I am moving house. Although the unit would be much smaller than the nice mansionette we're occupying now, it's really super close to Sengkang MRT; I can literally just take the lift down and walk to the platform in less than 5 minutes. Another thing is the lack of a second level, which to me doesn't seem much of a good thing, but seems attractive to my parents who don't want to deal with climbing up stairs when older.

By right I intended to use this time to help out my group for the PW written report, but the Google Docs website doesn't seem to be working for me, and I can't contact the group members either(weird reception problems). So instead I'm stuck here penning down thoughts just a few moments before I move house.

It seems weird that after around 17 years of staying in this familiar home, my family and I are going to have to move to a new home. And it's also my first time having this kind of experience, having to deal with feelings of attachment to a house that I've stayed in for practically my whole life. I expect that I'll take quite a bit of time to get used to the new home, especially when now the space has shrunk and now the rooms are in closer proximity to each other. Well at least I get a bedroom of my own now, but I'm still restricted in what I can do since it's directly beside the master bedroom...

Well I don't know if I'll get feelings of homesickness initially... no longer being able to see the familiar sight of neighbouring HDB blocks and cars in the parking lot outside through the bedroom window, or hear the buzz of activity from the nearby Bowen Secondary School(and occasionally their band practice sessions), or walk to the nearby coffee shop and have my meals there(which I have been doing so for so many times these past few years)... but there is something positive to look forward to like the ultra convenience of having quick access to a Kopitiam, library, bookshop, MRT station, and several other shops in the shopping mall that's connected to the condo we'll be staying in later.

A bit unnerving to think that this will be one of the last few times I'll be in this computer room, and later one of the last few times I'll still be sleeping in the current bedroom with the comforting view through the window. I've wondered what other people felt when they had to move from a house that they've stayed in for a long time... were they just like "deal with it, there's no avoiding this" or were they really reluctant to leave such a familiar place to the point of tearing up?

Sigh... I'm just so unsure about the future... :(