9 Sep 2011

Late Night Bloghopping 4

I really should avoid taking caffeine at night. The good thing is that it'll be really effective for helping me stay awake during late night marathon events. However caffeine's effects only seem to work when I'm on the verge of falling asleep, and they're quite long-lasting too... >.<

So while I wait for the caffeine to wear off(I've already drank some water to hopefully dilute the concentration in my bloodstream a bit), I'm going to frolic around in the blogosphere, discovering the myriad of blogs that are already up in Blogger. Here goes:

  • Relationships in Hong Kong: The blogger aims to help people find their compatible partners, or help couples improve their relationships. He does qualify his advice with personal findings and experiences, and has even published a book on this. Meanwhile there's also his newer blog documenting his weight loss journey, something completely unrelated!
  • Fashion Tidbits: Just from reading the blog title alone, you can kinda guess that the blog has plenty of pictures of female models...
  • The Sneaky Spoon: This blog on the other hand tells you absolutely nothing about its contents just from looking at the title! Actually this blogger does poster designs and uploads them to Flickr and this blog among other sites, and I can say she is quite good :)
  • Smitten Kitten Originals: The full title of the blog's too long to put it neatly on the left. The blogger is a single child, married, a wine lover and a crocheter among many things, and even has her own online shop selling her crocheted creations including scarves and hats.
  • Blue Cupcake: The brainchild of a mother who's a cake decorator and baker, Blue Cupcake specialises in personalised cupcakes, cakes and mini desserts. The pictures over there are a testament to how well done their products are, including a recently features batch of cupcakes designed for a Sesame Street party!
  • Pants Optional: This misleading blog title sounds kinda suggestive, but is actually a blog of quite the opposite nature. The blogger is a Mormon with a husband, a 5-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. Naturally due to time constraints, the blog is more active during the summer and winter school breaks, so there are quite a lot of pictures related to summer activities or winter holiday fun... something that Singapore can't have unfortunately >.<
  • Ina Nederdal Photo Diary: Apart from her official website, this Swedish photographer also posts various photos, mostly greyscale, on this personal blog. This is the type of blog that I somehow feel fits better in Tumblr, but nevertheless the pictures are still really good.
  • Crystal Blue Photography: ...and here's another photo blog, but with pictures that are strikingly contrasting with those from the previous blog. These pictures are mostly colourful and seem to focus more on children and the joy of life, if I'm not wrong.
  • Josh Newton: Still on the topic of photography, this photojournalist uploads various photos that he's taken, some from vacation trips, others from wedding events or for clients. He also expresses interest in listening to certain types of music, speaking of which he's even taken shots of Colbie Caillat in the recording studio!
  • NYAN-CAT: Unfortunately not as interesting as I hoped it to be :/