19 Sep 2011


I suppose if there is one word to describe how JC has been so far for me, and how it might be later on, I would probably use the word "flow".

Normally the word "flow" is used with an attached connotation of serenity and smoothness and purity. "Flow" could describe a picture of clear river water travelling down its carved out path without pause, washing away sediments with it. I suppose I am using the word for its associated idea of non-stop continuous movement without jumps or breaks in between... which is hard to tell if it's more good than bad.

Well so far it seems like most of us students here in JC feel like we've never got a decent break for us since official lessons started. Well maybe the June holidays were as close as it got, but even that period was eaten away by exam revision and project work. The flow of time never has stopped and never will, and in fact it seems to have sped up exponentially. Months turned to weeks that subsequently turned to days before the exams. In my mind the river of time had gradually developed into a raging rapid.

Most of the subject syllabi also seem to have some sort of flow structure in it, in that whatever you've learnt earlier on WILL be tightly integrated with the newer concepts. I do notice this in some of the subjects I study. In Physics you start off from dynamics and forces, then move to circular motion, before you proceed on to gravitation and oscillation. In Chemistry you start off from the basic atomic structure, then to bonding and orbitals, then to basic organic chemistry. Maybe some call this a "pyramid" structure but I kinda see the flow from fundamental to advanced concepts.

Even in PW there has to be a flow of ideas in the written report. From credible supporting evidence you formulate analyses and lessons learnt, then from those you devise a plan. Any skip in the logical flow of substantiation and application creates a hole in the argument. Same for GP except with less time and currently unknown topic. In my opinion Economics seems to exhibit this "flow" characteristic a lot, seen from both the syllabus and the demands of the essay tests.

Even some of the topics themselves deal with flows too. Chemistry concepts included Born-Haber cycles, energy level diagrams and reversible reactions, while Physics concepts included thermodynamics and work + energy + power. Macroeconomics also studies the circular flow of income.

I feel that right now we're all like flowing towards the edge of a waterfall anticipating the steep drop. Well at least after the drop the water more or less stabilises, but never stops moving yet. I cannot consider the approximately 2 years of JC as 2 separate years, but as one whole continuous JC period. Even after all the exams in 2011 have been dealt with, and assuming that I do at least pass all of them, I still end up back into the (almost) same routine of lessons, except now in early preparation for the preliminary examinations. Time still keeps flowing even after promos, and I've got little time for myself to rest and meander off the river for a while.

When the flow finally subsides, I wonder what I'll do before the pace picks up again? And if the river branches off much later, will I be able to choose which vein I will travel along? Or will fate just divert the flow for me to get swept away into the unknown? Perhaps I may even create an entirely new branch for myself?