25 Sep 2011

Joy & Tragedy

No I'm not talking about the F1 race happening now along with the exams dreadfully near(just 2 days for me!). Rather it's something that's kinda more serious. No doubt this race tonight could potentially secure the win of Vettel, and the promotional exam aren't something to take lightly considering it would determine whether I'll have to deal with another year of the same syllabus. Still this following issue is pretty important, and in some ways may be sort of a taboo in certain cultures.

In Singapore we usually don't like to confront this topic of loving somebody of the same gender, which is understandable since the government has been continuously encouraging the public to engage in heterosexual relationships and boost population growth, to avoid the problems associated with an ageing white-haired society. This isn't to say that the Singapore government is entirely against homosexuality; as far as I know most of the members haven't condemned members of the LGBT society yet. Even former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew would accept his grandchildren still if one of them were gay.

19 Sep 2011


I suppose if there is one word to describe how JC has been so far for me, and how it might be later on, I would probably use the word "flow".

Normally the word "flow" is used with an attached connotation of serenity and smoothness and purity. "Flow" could describe a picture of clear river water travelling down its carved out path without pause, washing away sediments with it. I suppose I am using the word for its associated idea of non-stop continuous movement without jumps or breaks in between... which is hard to tell if it's more good than bad.

Well so far it seems like most of us students here in JC feel like we've never got a decent break for us since official lessons started. Well maybe the June holidays were as close as it got, but even that period was eaten away by exam revision and project work. The flow of time never has stopped and never will, and in fact it seems to have sped up exponentially. Months turned to weeks that subsequently turned to days before the exams. In my mind the river of time had gradually developed into a raging rapid.

9 Sep 2011

Late Night Bloghopping 4

I really should avoid taking caffeine at night. The good thing is that it'll be really effective for helping me stay awake during late night marathon events. However caffeine's effects only seem to work when I'm on the verge of falling asleep, and they're quite long-lasting too... >.<

So while I wait for the caffeine to wear off(I've already drank some water to hopefully dilute the concentration in my bloodstream a bit), I'm going to frolic around in the blogosphere, discovering the myriad of blogs that are already up in Blogger. Here goes:

4 Sep 2011


As I'm typing this in, I'm using last precious moments of time. Not just precious in the sense that there's limited time for pre-exam preparation, but also in that tomorrow afternoon our Internet line will switch over to the new house...

And if you haven't heard yet, I am moving house. Although the unit would be much smaller than the nice mansionette we're occupying now, it's really super close to Sengkang MRT; I can literally just take the lift down and walk to the platform in less than 5 minutes. Another thing is the lack of a second level, which to me doesn't seem much of a good thing, but seems attractive to my parents who don't want to deal with climbing up stairs when older.

By right I intended to use this time to help out my group for the PW written report, but the Google Docs website doesn't seem to be working for me, and I can't contact the group members either(weird reception problems). So instead I'm stuck here penning down thoughts just a few moments before I move house.