8 Aug 2011

Seeing Red

...well the celebrations ended much earlier than I expected. Perhaps the student committee ran out of ideas for the programme.

So as I predicted, there was the mandatory National Day message from the Minister of Education, the dance items from the top three ethnic groups, the rock and jazz renditions of National Day songs, and a narrated "storyline" that told very little of a plot and had little relation to the performance items themselves.

Oh and the scrapbook... I grossly overestimated the dimensions of the giant scrapbook containing many patriotic messages written on small pieces of paper stuck on the pages. I think it was roughly 1.5 by 2 metres, and weighed about 70 kg. And it was recognised by the Singapore Book of Records, appropriately by a representative who also happens to be an alumnus of RI. The funny thing was that this new scrapbook was only 10 cm wider than the previous record. Even funnier was that somebody had the time to do this before.

And as usual the rock part got a lot of students jumping up and down and forming long human chains. Looks like simultaneous demonstrations of physics and organic chemistry. Perhaps if everyone jumped up and down at the same natural frequency as some parts of the school compounds, a school building might start crumbling down.

Now I'm idle at the moment... until I go for the tuition later. The sky's getting quite cloudy already, which for some may be good considering it could lower chances of rain tomorrow during the NDP. Wait... it's becoming both cloudy AND bright + sunny. Fantastic.

So now it's the time to relax and unwind, even if to a tiny extent.

And soon the island will turn red once more.