4 Aug 2011


Next week is probably a nice resting period, not just for relaxing but also for some revision time. Even though exams are mostly a few weeks away, it's not time to completely slack and forget about academic stuff. Very nerve-wrecking.

Everyone's really looking forward to the National Day celebratory period, since it means 3 days free from school lessons. Rest and relaxation is probably on a lot of students' minds at the moment, and we crave it a lot. Going to expect a lot of them to probably flock to the nearest cinemas and watch movies, or to shopping malls to shop around and have fun. Or maybe just rest at home and sleep.

Not just typical celebrations in school I heard, we're apparently attempting to set one of those silly Singapore records. Not the largest flag or most number of students wearing red, but the largest scrapbook filled with patriotic birthday messages to Singapore. And there's free ice cream for each message submitted, which is written on a paper heart.

Gee, I wonder how anybody's going to turn the pages or even store the book. I heard that the book is large enough to cover a good area of the assembly grounds, don't really remember the exact dimensions. Very heavy too, I expect. Each page should weigh about a few kg already...?

Yes I think the book would just be left somewhere to collect dust, and a lot of it. Or it might be put in some fancy display case. Up to whoever keeps it, I suppose.

Until then, we're all going to have to wait a while more before we reach the nice break period. Personally I think it'll be unlikely I might survive till then.

...and if you're wondering what the post title stands for, look at the first  letter of each of the previous sentences. You'll figure out. Hopefully.