9 Aug 2011


Don't mean to boast, but I'm stuck in a very nice hotel room in Marina Bay Sands. A very big room in fact, with a separate karaoke room, an office, a large living lounge with a grand piano, and a cosy bedroom where I'm residing in at the moment. Not actually on the bed now, somebody else is occupying it. Instead I'm humbling taking up a smaller space near the master bathroom where there's a convenient power point to charge up this laptop.

By the way, the toilets automatically lift up their seat covers when motion is detected, and the toilet seats are heated too! Haven't actually tried it yet though, maybe I should later. I probably will have to since I took quite a number of NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks. At least six glasses I think. The iced blueberry tea and lemon tea <i>are</i> that nice.

Of course we enjoyed the fantastic view of the NDP in the comfort of this magnificent room. We were really close to the 5 fighter jets that zipped above the building that nobody could get a good shot of them. It was possible to get a good picture of the flying flag though, but it's backwards since we're opposite the audience on the Floating Platform. But the climax has got to be the firework display. We were high enough to be able to view the fireworks at eye level without craning our necks, and the fireworks didn't disappoint at all. Perhaps adopting the musical format for this year's NDP can be considered a positive change, and we all got to see Sharon Au again!

You know, maybe my eager wait for this moment has influenced me to suddenly blog way more frequently than usual. I usually stick to a weekly schedule, but recently I've been rapid-firing thoughts like the "typical" blogger trying to get really famous online. Maybe if there were more holidays to look forward to I might be brimming with more good ideas for GP essays.

...Okay now I've got the bed. Most of the people are in the living lounge chatting away merrily. Yes the bed is comfy. And the traffic has eased to a noticeable extent. But nobody's really willing to leave yet. Not when you can enjoy air-con and entertainment in a spacious place like this! And especially when Dreamgirls is showing on TV now.

Such luxury comes very rarely, and not easy to obtain. All the more justifiable it is for me to enjoy this longer while I still have the chance. Ahhhhhh.....

And once this break is over I'll probably revert back to the weekly blogging habit, because my mind will be too preoccupied and tired to think of something to post that frequently. Have to divert energy towards homework and exams and project work. "Life goes on," someone might say.

This is another one of those "time should be moving much slower" moments. And I always wished I had the power to manipulate time without causing horrible time paradoxes that threaten the stability of the space-time(or is it time-space?) continuum.

Oh well, one more day of this break before life goes back to mundane and depressing...