29 Aug 2011


Ever since Inception came out a lot of people have dived into making Inception jokes, even though "inception" actually is the concept of planting an idea into one's head, and not having a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream ad infinitum.

There have been a lot of derivatives that would have been labelled as Xzibit("Yo Dawg") jokes if the movie didn't exist. A car within a car? CARCEPTION. A picture within a picture? PICTURECEPTION. A bubble within a bubble? BUBBLECEPTION.

So then earlier on I kinda thought of doing a list of lists, but then realised that a lot of people have already done that even before the movie appeared in cinemas. So then I went to the next logical step: a list of lists of lists! It may not be a top 10 list of top 10 lists of top 10 lists(I wish I had time to order them), but here you go:

21 Aug 2011

Six Days

Only six days of school lessons left in the term. Thanks to Teacher's Day, Hari Raya Puasa and the Presidential Elections, the last week before the September break has been reduced to just one puny day of lessons.

This can be interpreted as both good and bad, good in that we get more time off lessons, but bad in that these missing lessons must come back due to "equivalent trade", which means using up some time from the so-called September holidays, or even extra lessons in Term 4 during the tiny period where everything must be crammed into students' heads before the exams.

Is there really enough time for me to prepare for the upcoming storm?

14 Aug 2011


I've been kinda fascinated with the Butterfly Effect for some time. You know, the hypothetical scenario that the flapping of a butterfly's wings could determine whether some weather catastrophe like a hurricane or tornado may happen somewhere. It seems to have been portrayed in the media quite a bit, like in the Final Destination movies for example. Or in one particular Fringe episode.

It can be fascinating to witness such a major event evolve from such a tiny change through a Rube-Goldberg-like process. And I've thought it may be cool if I could always take advantage of this effect. If I could just make  one minute adjustment in the environment to achieve any major outcome that I wanted to realise, that would be cool and fun to exploit.

9 Aug 2011


Don't mean to boast, but I'm stuck in a very nice hotel room in Marina Bay Sands. A very big room in fact, with a separate karaoke room, an office, a large living lounge with a grand piano, and a cosy bedroom where I'm residing in at the moment. Not actually on the bed now, somebody else is occupying it. Instead I'm humbling taking up a smaller space near the master bathroom where there's a convenient power point to charge up this laptop.

By the way, the toilets automatically lift up their seat covers when motion is detected, and the toilet seats are heated too! Haven't actually tried it yet though, maybe I should later. I probably will have to since I took quite a number of NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks. At least six glasses I think. The iced blueberry tea and lemon tea <i>are</i> that nice.

8 Aug 2011

Seeing Red

...well the celebrations ended much earlier than I expected. Perhaps the student committee ran out of ideas for the programme.

So as I predicted, there was the mandatory National Day message from the Minister of Education, the dance items from the top three ethnic groups, the rock and jazz renditions of National Day songs, and a narrated "storyline" that told very little of a plot and had little relation to the performance items themselves.

Oh and the scrapbook... I grossly overestimated the dimensions of the giant scrapbook containing many patriotic messages written on small pieces of paper stuck on the pages. I think it was roughly 1.5 by 2 metres, and weighed about 70 kg. And it was recognised by the Singapore Book of Records, appropriately by a representative who also happens to be an alumnus of RI. The funny thing was that this new scrapbook was only 10 cm wider than the previous record. Even funnier was that somebody had the time to do this before.

4 Aug 2011


Next week is probably a nice resting period, not just for relaxing but also for some revision time. Even though exams are mostly a few weeks away, it's not time to completely slack and forget about academic stuff. Very nerve-wrecking.

Everyone's really looking forward to the National Day celebratory period, since it means 3 days free from school lessons. Rest and relaxation is probably on a lot of students' minds at the moment, and we crave it a lot. Going to expect a lot of them to probably flock to the nearest cinemas and watch movies, or to shopping malls to shop around and have fun. Or maybe just rest at home and sleep.

Not just typical celebrations in school I heard, we're apparently attempting to set one of those silly Singapore records. Not the largest flag or most number of students wearing red, but the largest scrapbook filled with patriotic birthday messages to Singapore. And there's free ice cream for each message submitted, which is written on a paper heart.

1 Aug 2011


Okay... It seems a bit weird that I'm actually blogging in school at the moment. The only times I've actually blogged outdoors were at a country club in some air-conditioned room or near the poolside. To be publishing a blog post within the school compounds seems somewhat "wrong". Especially when I'm doing this while settling some stupid project work matters simultaneously.

It's also unusual for me to come up with two posts just within hours of each other, temporarily breaking away from my usual weekly routine. Normally I don't come up with fully-developed thought and ideas to share on the blog so quickly. Maybe it is the nice lively greenery or the "Rafflesian Air" in the school compound giving inspiration? I thought that the air just made the students more drowsy/grumpy and the teachers more cranky...