10 Jul 2011


Ooh wow, looks like my Blogger dashboard got an overhaul. The benefits of using Blogger In Draft! Everything's so white and clean! And significantly less blue.

At this moment, even if we students haven't gotten back our exam papers yet, we already can tell how screwed up the results are. The lecturers and other teachers have been passing comments on how much white hair on their head has multiplied, or how many new wrinkles have formed on their faces, or how much their blood pressure has risen, all while marking the exam scripts. And the exam scripts that have been passed back make these claims sound less unbelievable.

Even worse, the teachers aren't just discussing about who to send for remedial, but also where to conduct the remedial lessons. For some subjects the classroom is way too small, and the large lecture theatres appear to be better alternatives. Well since I don't even have CCA anyway I don't have anything to sacrifice should I be forced into remedial, but there are others who are committed to other such activities. And there may not be enough teachers to even accommodate the sheer number of students present...

Well I kinda anticipated such non-ideal results to show up for everybody anyway. These midyear common tests are essentially a teaser for us to understand just how ridiculous the promotional exams are going to be, which is probably going to exceed all our current expectations of the difficulty of those tests. So these CTs are supposed to be both a test of our current knowledge and understanding of concepts, and a shocking wake-up call(I think a few teachers in the school used that exact phrase "wake-up call") to us so that we'd be motivated to study and learn even more intensely than before. Some students may have just lapsed into deep depression, though, and may end up totally giving up...?

So currently in my class there are quite a number of us who are frankly disappointed with ourselves with the results revealed so far, and thus even more pessimistic about the exam scores yet to be known. Not to mention soon we'd be having to tackle Chinese oral exams and listening comprehension tests.

The latest scandal around the 2011 National Day Parade routine isn't distracting us much from worrying about the above-mentioned disasters. A lot of Singaporeans have been appalled and expressed their horror upon listening to a "mutilated" version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, now infamously known as the Fun Pack Song. Besides showing off the lack of originality, it also violated certain rights. There wasn't even a request for permission to use the song in the first place. Fortunately the song(the Fun Pack Song, not Bad Romance) has been permanently removed from the line-up. Recently however, the Mother Monster herself spoke up and said she liked the mutated offspring of her song, saying that she finds it "wonderful". Sounds like an act of diplomacy if you ask me.

However it doesn't seem to stop there for the NDP. It's also been flamed upon about the fact that Justin Bieber's Baby has also been used in some way in the line-up too! This just reinforces the idea that the NDP is losing its touch and is relying solely on the older original local classics to maintain the nationalistic nostalgia. The songwriters are probably trying way too hard to be trendy and fresh. They're not even finding up-to-date material in the first place; songs like Bad Romance and Baby are already considered old to the young generation, so whoever's looking for songs to exploit should listen more to the radio.

Looks like it's not just us students that really need to self-improve greatly. The future of the NDP may also become bleak...