31 Jul 2011


Just by writing this blog post alone, someone's going to get pissed. Even though it's not directed at that person. Luckily that person's not going to see this yet, unless he/she happens to be an avid reader of this blog. Which is highly unlikely.

Actually... maybe it's up to 6 people that may get angsty with me. Almost 7 because I'm having a hard time with this keyboard's sticky keys.

From what I remember, I didn't have anyone get mad at me other than relatives and some teachers. In fact, most of those around me kinda have a slightly above neutral relationship with me. Tolerable, but not to the point of really likeable. Now it's a different field; the much higher expectations of the education placed on us has put much physical and mental stress. Sometimes I wish we had more than just 12 years of pre-university education, so that the syllabus can be stretched out much more over a longer period. Then the workload wouldn't be as immense.

Then again, that may not work considering that the syllabus seems to be getting harder in all levels. Or maybe I'm disillusioned by the huge number of worrying parents enrolling their children in countless tuition courses even though their school performance is perfectly fine, or even above average.

The stress on all of us can sometimes bring out a darker side in all of us. Perhaps a student who looks normal may actually crack down one day and suddenly rebel against the "obnoxious" teachers. Or a student who's normally quiet may suddenly explode and spew expletives at schoolmates and teachers. Maybe a student that's physically weak may break into an outrage and start kicking all the tables and chairs, slamming the doors, even throwing school bags and stationery out the classroom.

Okay, maybe the less extreme forms of "transformation" are more common. Things like out-of-the-blue hostility towards usual friends and the like.

Sometimes I think I may be born too early. I always observe that some time after I get promoted from a certain level, that same level now gets extra privileges or lowered barriers. Cutting down on the Philosophy syllabus, less requirements for the Chinese syllabus, more leniency for project work... it feels unfair that our batch had to deal with the problems, so that the next batch won't have to.

And at the moment our batch is dealing with solving problems in the community. It's not that I think PW is irrelevant or useless, but the format is just so irritating. Having to deal with so many gaps and loopholes just to solve one problem that we'd probably never want to pursue in real life sounds like a waste of effort, which is why there are huge important marks tagged to this troublesome subject.

It's times like this I wish I could steal Hermione's time-turner so I can handle all this freaking work! >.<