4 Jul 2011

Back To Business

Now that the CTs are over, we can relax, right? Nope. Not a chance. In fact things are getting warmed up.

Still MORE tests to come, more PW troublesomeness, more assessments/assignments. And we probably roughly know the horrible outcome of our CTs. We're all screwed.

But we must press on into the unknown territory, tackling unseen obstacles, emerging out either stronger or totally defeated. Such is the life of a student who is being confined within the boundaries of the education system.

And I believe there may be some holiday homework that remains undone but which I cannot recall until the respective teacher brings it up during the lesson. Then again the tutorial lessons may be completely spent on going through the answer scripts that are riddled with red crosses and circles and slightly illegible scribblings commenting on our horrendous quality of writing.

So now us students shall go back to the boring repetitive programming that governed us in the first place. Except that now the climax is even worse. Promotional exams are pure horror!

Sigh. We have gone past the halfway mark of 2011. The swift flow of time is really disturbing. The level of unease within me is slowly rising. I'm disturbed by the minute possibility of failing the promos...