17 Jul 2011

Avada Kedavra!

Well it's kinda sad that the very final Harry Potter movie has been out, and I had just watched it yesterday. And just like that, another childhood phase has concluded. I'm sure in many countries a lot of youths have also witnessed the final conclusion to what was an integral part of their childhoods too, and with quite a bang.

I can't consider myself to be a Harry Potter fan. Didn't read the books, only watched the movies. But I can say that I watch the holy trinity of the magical world grow up and face various obstacles, morphing from tiny tykes to mature post-pubescent heroes. It's not often that such a series can teach both children and adults about serious concepts like friendship, love, loyalty and death.

Maybe if our classes were as interesting and mesmerising as the magic classes in Hogwarts, students might pay attention more. Except if the schools were like Hogwarts, then there would almost always be that one teacher who turns out to be a lethal threat to the students. And the school would be concealing loads of weird secrets that somehow the students discover before the teachers.

Not only that, there might be a chance than one alumnus might come back and haunt the school.

Unfortunately the rest of the school year seems far from magical, even if it isn't a future filled with dark enemies. There are still "dark times ahead", with formidable obstacles in the form of exams, assignments, and project work. I bet at Hogwarts they wouldn't be tasked to devise a solution for a problem that's prominent in society, and then do heaps of research to back that up, when in the end the problem would most likely be ignored anyway.

If only I could cast Reductio on all my homework, then the workload would be so much easier to handle... or if I had a time-turner and be able to earn lots of spare time to complete my work!