25 Jul 2011


Well sure. There's a long break coming soon. A five-day lesson-less period, because of the National Day celebrations. Slightly ruined by tuition, but that's just 2 hours. Otherwise it's a nice long break from Saturday to Wednesday, with a celebration in the middle.

And from previous experiences, the National Day celebration programmes usually fail to impress me, and at least a few other classmates. Gets old pretty fast, don't you think? A National Day speech, performances from different CCAs to reflect cultural diversity and patriotism within the country, some "cool" and "trendy" renditions of National Day songs that tend to be presented in either rock or acapella form... not to mention some corny jokes that make people groan. 
Nonetheless it's still a nice break that a lot of us are looking forward to... or are we? The fact that National Day will come and go means that we're running out of time too. August also signals less than 1.5 months left to prepare for exams for us JC students. Pretty scary if we look at most of our current mid-year exam results now, and knowing how much harder the year-end exams would be. 

Unfortunately for JC1 students, there's the additional burden of Project Work. Oral presentations after the exams means having to tie up all loose ends before revision starts, which is a real pain in the rear end at the moment. I think some groups have yet to settle on a proper case study yet... 

Around this time of the year I used to wish that the year would hurry up and pass so I can quickly enjoy the long December holidays. This time it's different; now I want the flow of time to slow down significantly. Time is suddenly regarded as precious as platinum, not even gold. With all the teachers giving constant reminders about the limited amount of time we have left for preparations, a lot of us are getting more concerned, if not freaking out now. 

And we have every right to be freaked out. For the JC1 batch it determines whether we progress on to JC2 or get retained for 1 more year and receive a permanent stain on your portfolio of achievements. 

So now the gears of time continue moving relentlessly. Should we feel excited or worried?