31 Jul 2011


Just by writing this blog post alone, someone's going to get pissed. Even though it's not directed at that person. Luckily that person's not going to see this yet, unless he/she happens to be an avid reader of this blog. Which is highly unlikely.

Actually... maybe it's up to 6 people that may get angsty with me. Almost 7 because I'm having a hard time with this keyboard's sticky keys.

From what I remember, I didn't have anyone get mad at me other than relatives and some teachers. In fact, most of those around me kinda have a slightly above neutral relationship with me. Tolerable, but not to the point of really likeable. Now it's a different field; the much higher expectations of the education placed on us has put much physical and mental stress. Sometimes I wish we had more than just 12 years of pre-university education, so that the syllabus can be stretched out much more over a longer period. Then the workload wouldn't be as immense.

25 Jul 2011


Well sure. There's a long break coming soon. A five-day lesson-less period, because of the National Day celebrations. Slightly ruined by tuition, but that's just 2 hours. Otherwise it's a nice long break from Saturday to Wednesday, with a celebration in the middle.

And from previous experiences, the National Day celebration programmes usually fail to impress me, and at least a few other classmates. Gets old pretty fast, don't you think? A National Day speech, performances from different CCAs to reflect cultural diversity and patriotism within the country, some "cool" and "trendy" renditions of National Day songs that tend to be presented in either rock or acapella form... not to mention some corny jokes that make people groan. 

17 Jul 2011

Avada Kedavra!

Well it's kinda sad that the very final Harry Potter movie has been out, and I had just watched it yesterday. And just like that, another childhood phase has concluded. I'm sure in many countries a lot of youths have also witnessed the final conclusion to what was an integral part of their childhoods too, and with quite a bang.

I can't consider myself to be a Harry Potter fan. Didn't read the books, only watched the movies. But I can say that I watch the holy trinity of the magical world grow up and face various obstacles, morphing from tiny tykes to mature post-pubescent heroes. It's not often that such a series can teach both children and adults about serious concepts like friendship, love, loyalty and death.

10 Jul 2011


The final Harry Potter movie has already had its world premiere in the UK, and this coming Thursday Singapore would be able to catch it in cinemas too! It's also appropriate that Order Of The Phoenix is showing on TV now.

The spells used in the world of Harry Potter aren't just mere gibberish. Most of them are derived from actual words. So here's a quick list of spells used:


Ooh wow, looks like my Blogger dashboard got an overhaul. The benefits of using Blogger In Draft! Everything's so white and clean! And significantly less blue.

At this moment, even if we students haven't gotten back our exam papers yet, we already can tell how screwed up the results are. The lecturers and other teachers have been passing comments on how much white hair on their head has multiplied, or how many new wrinkles have formed on their faces, or how much their blood pressure has risen, all while marking the exam scripts. And the exam scripts that have been passed back make these claims sound less unbelievable.

Even worse, the teachers aren't just discussing about who to send for remedial, but also where to conduct the remedial lessons. For some subjects the classroom is way too small, and the large lecture theatres appear to be better alternatives. Well since I don't even have CCA anyway I don't have anything to sacrifice should I be forced into remedial, but there are others who are committed to other such activities. And there may not be enough teachers to even accommodate the sheer number of students present...

4 Jul 2011

Back To Business

Now that the CTs are over, we can relax, right? Nope. Not a chance. In fact things are getting warmed up.

Still MORE tests to come, more PW troublesomeness, more assessments/assignments. And we probably roughly know the horrible outcome of our CTs. We're all screwed.

But we must press on into the unknown territory, tackling unseen obstacles, emerging out either stronger or totally defeated. Such is the life of a student who is being confined within the boundaries of the education system.