20 Jun 2011


Ugh... even after more than 24 hours I'm still feeling sick. First it was a headache, fever and bloatedness, and now there's diarrhoea added into the mix. I think I've already gone to the toilet at least 12 times already, and it's really painful and energy-draining. And I have a tiny mouth ulcer too.

Of all times to fall sick, why now? I ended up missing certain events today, and in the week ahead I still have other important things, including an EXAM. I don't want to still remain sick! ...Now that's a statement that I usually don't say often under usual conditions when I have to go to school everyday with no exams nearby.

I suspect it might be the breakfast I had yesterday morning. I had KFC's blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs, which is the only meal I ate differently from the rest of my family members, who fortunately are unaffected. There's also the less likely possibility I might have contracted a stomach virus, but I don't see anybody around me falling sick yet.

Now I end up staying at home, because I have no idea when the next bout of diarrhoea would strike. If I were outdoors it would be a mad struggle to find a usable public toilet every once in a while. And now my diet is also slightly limited, for example I can't take milk since my slight lactose-intolerance would probably make the situation worse.

I really hope I can recover quickly. I don't want my health to end up affecting my exams. Or my sanity, if it ends up persisting longer than usual. The last thing I want to do at the moment is to use the toilet AGAIN.