12 Jun 2011

Past Entry 11

22nd May 2011

I haven't decided when to schedule this post yet. Maybe I'll get inspiration halfway through this.

I'm not even sure why I decided to do this now. Maybe I'm just bored. I just put up another post not too long ago anyway, so I don't feel obliged to do this now. And I'm also watching Undercover Boss at the moment, so I'm not actually THAT bored.

Perhaps I just feel like ranting. After all, I've only perceive my school life so far as really monotonous and negative. Being bombarded by homework, projects and fast-approaching deadlines can potentially turn a student into a walking zombie who's still struggling to make ends meet, using what energy is left inside that degrading vessel.

Okay maybe school isn't completely like a student prison. There are quite a variety of events in school(mine at least) varying in nature. But how much are you able to achieve in what little time there is in JC? At least in secondary school you have a nice 4 years to participate in whatever you want outside of mandatory school activities; now there's half the amount of time left, and maybe double(or triple) the amount of work to be done.

Extra holidays may help this problem, but too much of a good thing may become bad. For every extra school holiday that pops up, a normal school day disappears, which equals lessons disappearing. Too many missed lessons accumulated, and teachers end up behind schedule, thus they try to make up by squeezing in extra lessons into whatever time available.

For me specifically this has had dire consequences, because usually whatever free periods my class has tends to be the lunch/recess breaks, thus forcing us to stay back after what was supposed to be the last lesson of the day. Not only do us poor students have to sit for one more lesson, the teacher also has to teach for one more lesson.

Well, I guess I could schedule this post to a certain date when I am probably relieved of certain stress produced from normal school activities. I could look back to this time when I read this in the future and appreciate the (slightly increased) freedom I will be enjoying. This can also be a good reminder to myself to not slack off too much in this precious time period.

I hope this Undercover Boss idea can one day be adopted in Singapore. It's a neat idea! ;)