26 Jun 2011


For some bizarre reason Facebook Notes won't relay my blog posts over into notes on a regular basis. Is there some clog-up along the way? I'll try to figure out a solution while having to deal with manually resetting the blog import thingamajig.

On to a more pressing issue which I should be getting enough sleep for at the moment: EXAMS! It did seem like a valid idea to shift exams over from before June holidays to after the break, in consideration for all those in CCAs with all their competition seasons somewhere before June too. Downside is, some students, myself included, would find the holidays even less enjoyable, having to study during the holidays and worry about what happens immediately after the break's over. Which makes the December break the only school break truly worth waiting for.

Well one nice point about the exams I'll be having in a bit more than 12 hours is that they're all in the afternoon, so I won't need to worry that much about oversleeping and missing the exams completely. The only exception is the exams on Friday I'm having, which happen to end around afternoon so I can get the chance to temporarily rejoice having "conquered" a milestone obstacle. Inverted commas there because it's only considered conquering if I actually do well enough in it; merely participating in the tests is essential, but not enough unfortunately...

And there's never an end to the schoolwork I have to deal with, even after an exam streak. Awaiting me after these mid-year exams are project work components, practical assignments, and other miscellaneous homework. Most of this mainly in preparation for MORE EXAMS. Great.

Considering that Economics is the first subject I'm taking the exam on, I'll probably see a frantic lot of students in a mad rush to cram as much information as they can before the ordeal starts. I might actually join them too. I might also see some students who have already given up seeing that not many people would score superbly well anyway, so whatever studying that takes place now wouldn't do much.

I think we've already become too obsessed with the marks that are attached with the tests we do. Some, if not a majority of us, may think that we're mainly remembering all this new information so we can apply it to solving exam questions, thus giving us better grades and perhaps a better window of future opportunities, not to mention better praise and respect from others. The closest application of all our accumulated knowledge that I see so far, is in making teaching and learning resources for future teachers and students! Even in the dream job you wouldn't need to use EVERYTHING you've learnt in your life.

And just look at me, discussing about our education system when I really need to be well-rested so I can concentrate tomorrow. How crazy of me. Better sleep now so I can be as close to being a perfect info-regurgitating robot student as I can. Which would be quite far off honestly.