26 Jun 2011


For some bizarre reason Facebook Notes won't relay my blog posts over into notes on a regular basis. Is there some clog-up along the way? I'll try to figure out a solution while having to deal with manually resetting the blog import thingamajig.

On to a more pressing issue which I should be getting enough sleep for at the moment: EXAMS! It did seem like a valid idea to shift exams over from before June holidays to after the break, in consideration for all those in CCAs with all their competition seasons somewhere before June too. Downside is, some students, myself included, would find the holidays even less enjoyable, having to study during the holidays and worry about what happens immediately after the break's over. Which makes the December break the only school break truly worth waiting for.

20 Jun 2011


Ugh... even after more than 24 hours I'm still feeling sick. First it was a headache, fever and bloatedness, and now there's diarrhoea added into the mix. I think I've already gone to the toilet at least 12 times already, and it's really painful and energy-draining. And I have a tiny mouth ulcer too.

Of all times to fall sick, why now? I ended up missing certain events today, and in the week ahead I still have other important things, including an EXAM. I don't want to still remain sick! ...Now that's a statement that I usually don't say often under usual conditions when I have to go to school everyday with no exams nearby.

16 Jun 2011

Late Night Bloghopping 3

It's back again!!1!one!eleven!! Well actually this one seems to be done much earlier than the other two... it's not past midnight yet. However, I'm doing this anyway because I can't get to sleep at this time. And why am I trying to get to sleep at this relatively early time? So I won't be too tired to appreciate the soon-to-be-here blood red lunar eclipse! I wish the eclipse didn't appear at such an unearthly time, but I'm not in control of nature here.

So in a silly effort to get myself occupied, and maybe tired enough to sleep for a few hours, I'll be looking around for blogs again, this time while listening to music. So here goes...

12 Jun 2011

Past Entry 11

22nd May 2011

I haven't decided when to schedule this post yet. Maybe I'll get inspiration halfway through this.

I'm not even sure why I decided to do this now. Maybe I'm just bored. I just put up another post not too long ago anyway, so I don't feel obliged to do this now. And I'm also watching Undercover Boss at the moment, so I'm not actually THAT bored.

Perhaps I just feel like ranting. After all, I've only perceive my school life so far as really monotonous and negative. Being bombarded by homework, projects and fast-approaching deadlines can potentially turn a student into a walking zombie who's still struggling to make ends meet, using what energy is left inside that degrading vessel.

5 Jun 2011

Mining + Crafting = ?

If you were bored enough to count the number of posts put up so far on my blog... you might realise that there are only 199 posts before this, which would make this the 200th post...?!?

I should have clarified this earlier: I also considered the upcoming Past Entries yet to be published in the counting of posts, so the GRAND total is indeed 201, hence the 201st post is indeed the 201st post. Now you know how many Past Entries I've set up so far, which isn't that many actually...

In other news, MINECRAFT!