28 May 2011


And now begins both a happy and a sad time in this year of my life.

The first semester of 2011 has ended. Well for my school it already did yesterday since the staff went to enjoy themselves at Sentosa. I've seen photos of some at the Universal Studios theme park. I wonder if any of their students bumped into them over there?

As usual I complain about the school "holidays" not feeling like holidays. The combination of limited time, piling homework/projects and nearing deadlines all lessen the positive effects of not going to school by a significant amount. A long time ago my blogging activity might have peaked during this period, but this year I definitely will not see that coming. But at least the government actually plans out holidays for students, unlike other countries where the school terms are more defined by the weather.

And as usual I also know that the holidays are not really meant to serve as a time to completely slack, but more as a time to gear up for the next half of the year. Let's not go so far as to talk about A Levels yet... small steps for the moment. The theory is that the more free time we are provided with, the more we will revise and prepare ourselves during that free time. However, a number of us being humans who are very unlikely to commit to one boring activity excluding self-sustenance, we'd rather stick to a fixed amount of time for school stuff, and then splurge the rest of our time on other insignificant things. Thus we don't finish all the work even if given extra time.

Also there's the phenomenon of wanting to sleep and wake up much later than usual during the holidays. That slashes the amount of time usable for productivity even further.

The school break has seen quite a number of students succumbing to holiday amnesia, forgetting at least half of what was taught so far during the break. This year and the next, this condition is particularly more dangerous, because the tests are immediately after the school holidays end. If a student doesn't snap out of the holiday mode soon, he/she would be really disadvantaged during the tests. So we poor students have no choice but to continue being engaged in "mugging" mode even in June.

Perhaps the holidays do take away the stress evolved from having to interact with teachers and training for then-upcoming events. Still, it's not enough to satisfy our need to relax and unwind without a concern about pressing issues. I'll probably be thinking too much about the exams even if I am supposed to relax. Seeing a roller-coaster might trigger recall of circular motion. Buying souvenirs at a gift shop may bring back ideas of non-price competition.

It's kinda good and bad when whatever you study is relevant to real-world applications...