31 May 2011

200th1st Post!

Oops. I wasn't really paying much attention to my posting on the blog. Turns out I went past the 200th mark without realising it. So instead I'll celebrate the 201st post today as a milestone. The 100th post wasn't really much of a post even, just some notice about me going for a holiday and being offline for a while. As if this post is going to be much better...

To be honest, not all of the previous 200 posts contain proper quality content. Some are just random thoughts popping out, some are just fillers when I couldn't think of anything original. Well there isn't a strict rule out there saying that bloggers MUST come up with good quality content on the blogs, but somehow when I try to go for that goal it seems a bit more satisfying?

Well I better remember to watch out for the 300th post... if there will be one in the first place. I'm not saying I'm quitting this blog now, but how long can I keep this up, I wonder? Maybe I'll have to deal with other commitments and whatnot, and I end up with little time left to work on this blog. Or maybe I'll end up with even more free time and can do my own stuff? Who knows?

Actually, how long would it take before I reach the 300th post??? The 100th post was almost 2 years ago. Does that mean the 300th post might happen somewhere in 2013-14? But isn't that during National Service? Then maybe it might happen later in 2015? WHAT?!?

Maybe compared to other blogs I've seen, taking 2 years from 100th to 201st might be really slow. I don't have the determination to continuously post on my blog for even twice a week constantly, let alone everyday. And my life isn't filled with opportunities to spot interesting things to talk about or snap eye-catching pictures to upload or catch a celebrity along the streets. Coupled with the fact that I'm still studying in school, so I can't go to major concerts or press interviews or ceremonies etc.

So at the moment I'm mostly stuck with ranting about school and discussing recent news events, with a dash of randomness. Until something really really interesting happens in my life?