10 Apr 2011

Random Ramblings 2

My creativity is getting sapped.

If only I still had enough creative juices, not only to write better posts, but also to help me in certain school work...

Weather has been freaky lately.

I noticed my Past Entry 8 popped up too. Now when I re-read it again it sounds even more miserable and depressing.

Speaking of which, I haven't started Past Entry 10 yet! How am I going to find time to do so? And when should I do it and on which date should I schedule it on? Being the 10th entry it might as well be an attempt at something special...

All right, I'll try to put in a little more effort into writing this. But it'll still probably be full of non-related rubbish.

...Okay. This isn't going so well yet...

Perhaps during the holidays I might actually have a little more comfort. Running around the school for lectures/tutorials, doing various subjects' homework, brainstorming for projects... it can take a toll both physically and mentally.

If the world really does end in 2012, I'll end up taking the A level exams but end up having no idea about how I did. And my entire life would have comprised mainly of school. Which is partly why I don't want the world to end that quickly, but recent natural disasters seem to hint otherwise.

It's going to be even more hectic now, with tests heading this way. I didn't think it was going to be THIS different from secondary school...

I don't even have the energy or the mood to finish this post properly, but then again do I usually do that for my other posts?

SLEEP backwards is PEELS