24 Apr 2011

Music Toy

Kinda stumbled onto this while fooling around on the web...

Basically this is a music toy called Nudge, that is based on the Tenori-on. What you see is a 16x16 grid matrix with a line going across. You can activate certain grid squares by clicking on them, and when the timeline passes over an activated square, the assigned sound will be triggered. On the right is a column of different coloured squares, which are just thumbnails of different grid matrices. Each matrix also contains a different set of sounds. For example, the greyish square right at the bottom contains drum kit sounds.

At the bottom right hand corner, there's a master volume control(looks like a three-quarter donut) and the play/pause button(you can guess what that does!). See that there's a "MORE" button near the instrument name at the bottom? Clicking on it will expand the bottom to show more buttons. Starting from the left, there's the specific volume control(only affects the volume for the current instrument), the pan control(allows you to pan the instrument sound left/right), and the CLR button which clears all notes from the matrix. The tempo setting also shows up next to the master volume control.

The + button somewhere in the right-middle area allows you to expand the grid for another 16 squares lengthwise, while the - button(appears later) will remove the last added segment. So you can make your masterpiece I think for as long as you like(or at least until the application crashes?). One more thing: the get + share button at the top allows you to share your creation either through email, a URL, embedding the player, or other options. So other people can view your work and even add on to it if they wanted.

Well I've managed to embed the music toy successfully within the blog post, so if you're viewing this post from somewhere else, you should come over to the original blog post and try it out for yourself!