24 Apr 2011

Music Toy

Kinda stumbled onto this while fooling around on the web...

Basically this is a music toy called Nudge, that is based on the Tenori-on. What you see is a 16x16 grid matrix with a line going across. You can activate certain grid squares by clicking on them, and when the timeline passes over an activated square, the assigned sound will be triggered. On the right is a column of different coloured squares, which are just thumbnails of different grid matrices. Each matrix also contains a different set of sounds. For example, the greyish square right at the bottom contains drum kit sounds.

At the bottom right hand corner, there's a master volume control(looks like a three-quarter donut) and the play/pause button(you can guess what that does!). See that there's a "MORE" button near the instrument name at the bottom? Clicking on it will expand the bottom to show more buttons. Starting from the left, there's the specific volume control(only affects the volume for the current instrument), the pan control(allows you to pan the instrument sound left/right), and the CLR button which clears all notes from the matrix. The tempo setting also shows up next to the master volume control.

17 Apr 2011


I thought secondary school was already more demanding when I just entered from primary school. Then it got worse at Secondary 3. I thought maybe things couldn't be too worse off later on. How wrong I was.

JC is relatively more stamina-depleting than secondary school. Really. The teachers were right when they said the timetable was going to look ugly. I think the one for my class is so horrible that you can't squeeze in extra make-up lessons unless a miracle took place.

Project work is also a few levels higher than in secondary school too. At least back then you can pick just about any topic you can come up with and put in substantial amounts of effort into the project, even if it doesn't actually benefit anybody in a big way(except for the group itself, especially in terms of grades). Now even coming up with a feasible project is already a headache for quite a number of people.

10 Apr 2011

Random Ramblings 2

My creativity is getting sapped.

If only I still had enough creative juices, not only to write better posts, but also to help me in certain school work...

Weather has been freaky lately.

I noticed my Past Entry 8 popped up too. Now when I re-read it again it sounds even more miserable and depressing.

Speaking of which, I haven't started Past Entry 10 yet! How am I going to find time to do so? And when should I do it and on which date should I schedule it on? Being the 10th entry it might as well be an attempt at something special...

7 Apr 2011

Past Entry 8

10th January 2011

Usually I don't mind if it's raining outside while I stay cosy indoors. The rain makes the whole place cooler, a nice change for a mostly warm island country, although some whom I know can't handle it even a tiny bit.

Yet tonight the heavy and long-lasting rain seems a bit ominous to me, I'm not sure why. Maybe I think too much about the new phase in my education called Junior College (or Pre-University, whatever). I've already struggled with adapting to a new primary school, two secondary classes that are almost foreign to me initially, and now I'll soon be in an even more daunting environment. Sure there are schoolmates that joke about it or look forward eagerly to JC, and I'm not saying they shouldn't.

I'm planning on setting this entry on a date when I should be settled in JC. I already roughly know what I'm studying for the next year, but the personal experiences and unknown future obstacles I cannot predict. I don't even think I'll be in the same class with anyone I know...

3 Apr 2011

Random Ramblings

Class camp can be described in a few words: itchy, wet, hot. "Fun" depends on the person him/herself.

I didn't do anything for April Fool's because I'm lazy. Others like Google, Youtube and other sites put it more effort however. Perhaps the culture over here doesn't allow much freedom and open-mindedness such that people can accept such pranks.

I have some trouble sleeping. And blogging.

School starts tomorrow. I'm probably dead.