20 Mar 2011

Stage 2

Whoop! One-week "holiday" just ended! School starts in a few hours!

I can imagine some students frantically trying to finish up holiday homework right now, so that at least they won't start the 2nd school term of the year on a horrible note. I'd like to say that I've finished absolutely everything for school, but I also know I always forget something that has a medium level of importance. And it's usually something I'd least expect to forget, and yet almost the rest of my class remembers about it.

If I suddenly recall any uncompleted tasks early morning at school, there could still be a small time window before lessons start, allowing me to quickly complete any forgotten homework. Then again, I also might have forgotten to bring the required material too, so I might still be doomed anyway...

As for what I did in the holidays, besides completing homework and other important stuffs, it's really underwhelming compared to the activities I've seen other schoolmates participate in during what little free time there was to spare. The list includes skating, shopping, movie-watching, BBQ-ing, camping, or just have a simple gathering. It's interesting that some students who have already sacrificed a great portion of their time for practice/training sessions still very eagerly spend more time on social activities, and then later lament that they had no time to do homework.

But then again, I suppose this is probably the one holiday period in the 2 years to come that would probably be the freest of all school holiday periods. The rest are either eaten up by project work or mugging sessions in preparation for important upcoming exams.

It's weekends like this(preceding the start of mundane time periods) that make most of us feel like Garfield the cat("I HATE MONDAYS"). Funnily enough, research showed that Tuesday was the worst day of the week for most people, usually because when people return to work/school on Monday, they can still share and discuss with their peers all the nice things that happened during the weekend. It's only on Tuesday that they really are in the slump.

That should be something new for you to share with others on Mondays...