28 Mar 2011

A Collation of Imaginary Thoughts Throughout Camp

Day 0... the day before the start of the camp

OMG I'M SO DAMN EXCITED FOR THE CAMP!!! I've packed up everything needed, and I think I'm good to go for tomorrow! I'm going to have a really awesome time with my friends!!! We're probably going to play games and get to know each other better, and we'll get to sleep the night together! So COOL! XD
Let's see, I've packed up all that I need for the camp. I'm not sure if I'll have a good time at the camp or a miserable experience. Let's hope that things go kinda smoothly. It's just two days, right? Besides, we get to skip lessons anyway.
Oh GOD, tomorrow's the freaking camp. Why must I go through this agony??? If only I had some major event that could coincide with this camp, like some extra training or a competition or charity drive or SOMETHING. Or maybe I'll have a super high fever tomorrow with a stomach flu and I won't have to go! ANYTHING!!! DX

Hmm... the weather outside looks horrible, hope it doesn't stay that way tomorrow! Can't let weather dampen our plans!
The weather outside's not good at the moment. Would it rain tomorrow? Doesn't matter too much, since I have rain protection packed anyway...
The weather's worsening now... this will just make the camp even more miserable than it already is. I can't believe it! Why does Mother Nature hate me too?!?

CRAP, I'm so excited I can't sleep at all! I'm really anticipating all the fun things we'll do for the next two days! AWESOME!
I better get ample rest tonight, better sleep early. Can't start the camp when I'm so sleepy, it'll probably ruin my mood for the rest of the day...
GAAH! I can't sleep knowing my horrible fate! What's going to happen to me? I might get bitten by poisonous insects and snakes, or maybe I'll get pulled in by the tide at the beach, or I'll get lost in the jungle and never get rescued? NOOOOOOOOOO

Day 1

I ended up sleeping quite late, but I'm still feeling fresh after waking up! Can't wait to meet my classmates in school later on!
I'm a little bit tired still, but I'll probably be more refreshed when I'm at school later. Maybe I should leave earlier to avoid the morning jam...
Camp starts today. Let the torture begin. Perhaps I can still end up really late and I won't be noticed by the class and they leave without me for the island? Fat chance...

Wow, I came WAY too early to school, and I'm the first one from my class over here! I can't WAIT to leave this place!
I'm still a little bit early, maybe I'll go around and chat with some of my other friends. Nothing else I can do at the moment...
Why must I arrive here so early??? I'd rather be at home feeling sick than down here and wait for the dreadful moment to arrive! I already miss my bed at home...

I guess we're off now. Some of my classmates are already enjoying this, even though we are nowhere near the island yet. Oh well, just sit back and ride...
We're leaving. I can't believe this. My chances of backing out of camp are diminishing fast. I see the whole of civilisation disappearing slowly! NOOO!


Wow! We're on the island at last! Finally we can have some fun around here! It's so much better than staying in the stale plain classrooms!
Well, we're here. Nothing much I can do about it, I guess.
The Island of Doom... I already have a bad feeling from this place...

Isn't this nice? Being this close to nature, smelling the fresh air, being away from the smoke and pollution of modern civilisation... it's a great way to let loose!
I guess I don't mind this island for the moment, it could be worse. If I deal with this for two days I should be fine.
This place is HORRIBLE! I can't survive through this for even an hour, let alone overnight!!! I'm not going to make it... T.T


It's been so much fun today! I'm having a great time with my friends, we did so many fun activities, and I think our friendship is getting stronger still! We managed to set up our tent and cooked up some delicious food for ourselves. This is one of the most memorable experiences EVER! :D 
I suppose today was okay... nothing too disastrous happened. The weather wasn't really favourable in my opinion, and there was some trouble at the campsite, but other than that I don't have many complaints. Just one more day to go...
I was right! This place IS horrible! The weather was as though somebody manipulated it just to make us feel even worse! I was so tired and irritated, but I couldn't get out of this hell-hole. All those stupid activities just drained our energy even further, they're just so pointless! Our campsite was like rubbish! Setting up the tents was such a pain! I'm all sweaty and dirty and exhausted just after the first day, and I'm going to experience even more tomorrow! I'm really going to die...

Day 2

Hooray! Another day of fun and games! I'm so psyched! And our awesome tent is still standing!
Well, our tent did somewhat well throughout the night. Better get ready for the day ahead.
Shit, I was dreaming that I was sleeping in my cosy bed, but then I woke up and found myself in this nightmare again! Now if only I can wake up from this nightmare too... and there's still another day of ordeal coming up. Goody.

After more activities...

I really don't want this to end so quickly! We're just having so much fun here, and I don't want it to stop! We'll end up going back to our boring lives and going back to school the next day!
Okay, I admit there were some fun times along the way. Can't say it's fantastic though. We'll be going back in just a while... might as well have some kind of fun while I'm here.
OMG, I can literally hear the minutes ticking away! My ordeal is almost over! Can't wait to go back to my normal life and do whatever the hell I want, not follow some group around and do stupid stuff! >:D 

Goodbye camp, hello boring civilisation. I'll probably miss the times we spent at camp together. Maybe we should have another group outing sometime!
I can see the island disappearing into the distance, and we're getting closer to modern civilisation. When I get back I'll probably go back and rest up. There's school tomorrow anyway.
FINALLY! Good riddance to that island. I can finally go back to watching TV, playing computer games, doing all my important homewo- oh CRAP! Did I miss out on any homework? I better get started once I go back! And I seriously need to catch up on the lessons for the next few days... TT.TT

At home...

*chatting online about all the fun things done, while waiting for photos to be uploaded onto Facebook*
*unpacking camp stuff, repacking school stuff, going to sleep early again*
*frantically catching up on what was missed in the last two days, and scrambling to get ready for school*

Day 3... back to school

And I'm back in school again... *yawn* I'm already feeling so bored in class...
Well I guess life goes back to normal. Better catch up on school work.
Finally I can enjoy the air-conditioning in the lecture theatres again! But there's so much I missed... it's all the camp's fault!