28 Mar 2011

A Collation of Imaginary Thoughts Throughout Camp

Day 0... the day before the start of the camp

OMG I'M SO DAMN EXCITED FOR THE CAMP!!! I've packed up everything needed, and I think I'm good to go for tomorrow! I'm going to have a really awesome time with my friends!!! We're probably going to play games and get to know each other better, and we'll get to sleep the night together! So COOL! XD
Let's see, I've packed up all that I need for the camp. I'm not sure if I'll have a good time at the camp or a miserable experience. Let's hope that things go kinda smoothly. It's just two days, right? Besides, we get to skip lessons anyway.
Oh GOD, tomorrow's the freaking camp. Why must I go through this agony??? If only I had some major event that could coincide with this camp, like some extra training or a competition or charity drive or SOMETHING. Or maybe I'll have a super high fever tomorrow with a stomach flu and I won't have to go! ANYTHING!!! DX

Hmm... the weather outside looks horrible, hope it doesn't stay that way tomorrow! Can't let weather dampen our plans!
The weather outside's not good at the moment. Would it rain tomorrow? Doesn't matter too much, since I have rain protection packed anyway...
The weather's worsening now... this will just make the camp even more miserable than it already is. I can't believe it! Why does Mother Nature hate me too?!?

CRAP, I'm so excited I can't sleep at all! I'm really anticipating all the fun things we'll do for the next two days! AWESOME!
I better get ample rest tonight, better sleep early. Can't start the camp when I'm so sleepy, it'll probably ruin my mood for the rest of the day...
GAAH! I can't sleep knowing my horrible fate! What's going to happen to me? I might get bitten by poisonous insects and snakes, or maybe I'll get pulled in by the tide at the beach, or I'll get lost in the jungle and never get rescued? NOOOOOOOOOO

27 Mar 2011


Why on EARTH must we go for the camp?!? Aren't there other alternative methods to this???

Spend two days and one night on Pulau Ubin, completely missing lessons in the process. Walk around in horrible weather conditions(hot and sunny, or wet and stormy), do physically exhausting tasks, set up tents, camp overnight, and build a freaking catapult. And all this for what? Team-building.

Look. There are so many ways we can encourage team-building. There is no need to take it to the level of camping overnight on an island distant from civilisation and advanced technology. A LOT of time is used up, which could have been used for other things which we prefer to do or we should be doing. I myself prefer to just get homework done, NOT miss lessons, still have access to the Internet, and enjoy the comforts of my own living space.

There are easier team-building activities which could be adopted too. Solving riddles, having an Amazing Race-style game within the day, even computer games can accomplish this same objective. Camping not only takes up relatively a lot more time and planning, there is also a higher risk of some kind of loss which could be incurred along the way. Camping in most cases implies a higher risk of injury: scratches, sunburns, bites, sores, blisters, illness etc. You would be less likely to get all these if the activities were less... extreme.

20 Mar 2011

Stage 2

Whoop! One-week "holiday" just ended! School starts in a few hours!

I can imagine some students frantically trying to finish up holiday homework right now, so that at least they won't start the 2nd school term of the year on a horrible note. I'd like to say that I've finished absolutely everything for school, but I also know I always forget something that has a medium level of importance. And it's usually something I'd least expect to forget, and yet almost the rest of my class remembers about it.

If I suddenly recall any uncompleted tasks early morning at school, there could still be a small time window before lessons start, allowing me to quickly complete any forgotten homework. Then again, I also might have forgotten to bring the required material too, so I might still be doomed anyway...

13 Mar 2011

Rest (to a certain extent)

Good news: the lesson-less week has begun. A week temporarily devoid of any lectures or tutorials. This however does not equate to a week without homework or studying. Neither does it mean a week without training or tuition or lessons outside of school or practice sessions. The schools shouldn't call it a holiday if they go all the way to making sure that it doesn't feel like one at all!

Although I usually make use of this lesson-less period to unwind and relax, preferably doing minimal activity, there are other students who go the opposite direction. Turns out the orientation hype hasn't died down yet, and I see those excited schoolmates who have been waiting for this time to hang out as a group and do stuff like movie-watching, ice-skating, shopping, bowling etc. And why not? It's a way to break the monotony of academic life. The problem isn't that in school we feel exhausted because we spend so much energy doing many things, but rather because we spend that same amount of energy on things we don't really feel like doing in the first place.

6 Mar 2011

Uncommon Words

Zenzizenzizenzic - The eighth power of a number, i.e. the zenzizenzizenzic of x = x8

Callipygian - Having well-shaped buttocks. Probably a suitable description for Jennifer Lopez?

Dumbledore - A bumblebee. Also the name of a certain professor...

Kvetch - Verb: to complain. Noun: a person who complains a LOT.

Oojah - Instead of just calling it a "thingy", you could call it an oojah if you're not sure what to call it.

Ceraunograph - An instrument that detects radio waves generated by lightning discharges and records their occurrence.

2 Mar 2011

Number Trick

Just saw this number trick(link):

Here is a math trick that might get you thinking...

1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your head)
2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code)
3. Multiply by 80
4. Add 1
5. Multiply by 250
6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
8. Subtract 250
9. Divide number by 2

Do you recognize the answer?

Received from K D Kribbs.

Try it out first!