5 Feb 2011

Next Steps

...and just like that the orientation has closed on Tuesday. To summarise briefly, there were a lot of highs and 'O's.

Many students didn't care about acting their age and displaying "maturity" since this was the place you are encouraged to do just the opposite. The orientation was supposed to end with a nice fiery display, but things didn't go as expected. The outcome was still the same though; I think the objective of lighting everybody's fire from within and giving them the strength to carry on through JC is mostly accomplished.

Even up till now the orientation euphoria is still hanging around, with some still high within the clouds(or even in space). Group outings are organised, Facebook activity has heightened(at least the activity around my Facebook profile), etc. It seems we're off to a good start already, but I can't help but wonder how long these ties of friendship will last, knowing that the future obstacles could put them under strenuous tests. Will we really help a schoolmate if he/she is struggling in school? Will we still hang out long after we graduate from JC?

In two days time(almost one technically) school lessons officially begin, and we get to know our classes and schedules. The first week would probably be much less intense then normal, but I think some of us would still be concerned with who will be our classmates. Some have already bonded so well with the entire orientation group, but that does not necessarily mean several of them would be in your class too. I guess we can't do much but just wait for our fate?

There's still time for me to unwind anyway. As far as I know our school's organizing events throughout the entire first week, and the main event is on Friday, where we all go to Sentosa and just have fun. There probably will be various sport events held down there, but I'm not sure if the weather would cooperate, considering the recent randomosity of our climate. What would happen if it rained that day, if most of the activities are only outdoors?

Oh no, I still don't know which CCA to go to now... can I not have a CCA at all???