20 Feb 2011


Wow. This past week felt quite intense, after a few months of no proper lessons or timetable. I guess everybody's timetable looks more horrendous than in secondary school. I already stay back more often and for slightly longer than in secondary school, and that's already without the CCA...

And the moving around all over the JC campus will take some time to get used to also. It isn't my first time having to move around for lessons, but that was in primary school where the campus isn't too big anyway. Sometimes I end up going from one extreme end of the school to the other for adjacent lessons, and sometimes I have to go up several floors(the lifts do little to help since too many people use them in between lessons). And unfortunately both teachers and students have to go through this, so there can be rushes of human traffic.

At least Mondays are slightly better because our lessons start later at about 10am. This can give some students and teachers alike extra time to sleep, or do homework/admin stuff. And there also won't be any need to assemble early in the morning, and then cause a human jam because so many people are all going in a general direction towards the lecture theatres or tutorial rooms.

In terms of the syllabus, for some subjects there's only revision of what we learnt from secondary school(which after the holidays would have been reduced to near nothing), and for other subjects we dive into new territory. The lecture-style learning may be harder for some to adapt to, mainly because you have to really listen since there isn't a rewind button(and no recording's allowed). Also, some students(at least some I observed in RI Sec) automatically regard the lecture theatre as a place for you to catch forty winks while "unnoticed" by the speaker. The seats at our lecture theatre are really very comfy and tempting.

Soon I will be reintegrated into the monotony of school, although this time it appears to be a more hectic experience ahead...