27 Feb 2011

So What?

Sure, I know there's the current chaotic situation in Libya. Rioters spreading violence, innocents getting involved, many citizens fleeing to other countries... then oil prices escalate as a result and other people go into a buying frenzy. Some leaders fear that the unrest in Libya may get worse and might even potentially start a third World War if the problem isn't resolved quickly.

I end up seeing this event as more of a topic that could be discussed in my exams.

It's worrying that I end up being more concerned over my grades(and future career) than what is happening - and could happen - to the world. "More loansharks and their runners get arrested" -- possible essay topic for Chinese. "Oil prices climbing over Libya unrest" -- an example for an Economics test? "Present TV shows have negative influence on Gen Y" -- I should remember that for the English essay question.

I end up storing all these pieces of information just so I can pull it out and use it for the exam papers. Is there much meaning in doing that? It's not that I'm completely ignorant about current events... I should be well informed on such affairs. But is being well informed alone enough?

20 Feb 2011


Wow. This past week felt quite intense, after a few months of no proper lessons or timetable. I guess everybody's timetable looks more horrendous than in secondary school. I already stay back more often and for slightly longer than in secondary school, and that's already without the CCA...

And the moving around all over the JC campus will take some time to get used to also. It isn't my first time having to move around for lessons, but that was in primary school where the campus isn't too big anyway. Sometimes I end up going from one extreme end of the school to the other for adjacent lessons, and sometimes I have to go up several floors(the lifts do little to help since too many people use them in between lessons). And unfortunately both teachers and students have to go through this, so there can be rushes of human traffic.

14 Feb 2011


It seems that there isn't a clear answer for how Valentine's Day came about, but we all think it has something to do with romance and expressing love to your significant other. And maybe a nearly naked child flying around shooting at people with arrows.

Valentine's Day is an abbreviation of St Valentine's Day. St Valentine seems to be the center of all this, but nobody's absolutely sure why. And there are many saints who went by that name(I think 14 altogether) so we don't know which one to give credit to for this occasion. Also, what exactly happened on February the 14th??? Some say a feast was held that day, some say it's the day he died, naturally or by execution, some say it's the day he started the letter-writing tradition. Who knows?

5 Feb 2011

Next Steps

...and just like that the orientation has closed on Tuesday. To summarise briefly, there were a lot of highs and 'O's.

Many students didn't care about acting their age and displaying "maturity" since this was the place you are encouraged to do just the opposite. The orientation was supposed to end with a nice fiery display, but things didn't go as expected. The outcome was still the same though; I think the objective of lighting everybody's fire from within and giving them the strength to carry on through JC is mostly accomplished.

Even up till now the orientation euphoria is still hanging around, with some still high within the clouds(or even in space). Group outings are organised, Facebook activity has heightened(at least the activity around my Facebook profile), etc. It seems we're off to a good start already, but I can't help but wonder how long these ties of friendship will last, knowing that the future obstacles could put them under strenuous tests. Will we really help a schoolmate if he/she is struggling in school? Will we still hang out long after we graduate from JC?