9 Jan 2011

Title of ANOTHER blog post.

Observation of declining/small frequency of new blog posts, and perhaps a self-reminder to increase that frequency, and/or put up more Past Entries. Maybe a comment on the ever-changing speed at which time moves past us.

Complaint about lack of inspiration resulting in a current lack of topic to discuss, and/or declaration of boredom currently being experienced by self.

Question about why an earlier post similar to this one is most viewed on the blog. Expression of puzzlement and confusion.

Eventual formation of idea on topic to discuss, most likely related to academic matters. Small introductory discussion of said topic, broken by new and cleverly(?) positioned "More" link, only visible on the blog.

Slightly more in-depth discussion of current topic, possibly expanding into philosophical territory, or simply maintaining casual light tone initially present in entire post. However, personal stand on topic is almost never one-sided, but rather neutral.

Yet more topic-related content, probably containing content stolen gained from surfing other related sites, with assistance from Google. Main website of choice: Wikipedia. Possible indication of interesting discovery of new information not previously known to self.

Possible indication of limited amount of time left to wrap up current post, usually caused by parent(s) who want the author to gain sufficient amount of rest at night by inducing slumber earlier. Followed by possible complaint about such restrictions, although complaints won't have any effect since parents won't read the blog. (..?)

Abrupt and non-witty ending (still related to topic) due to time constraints. Parting address to possibly non-existent reader(s) of this post. Possible trail-off thought related to author's life...

(Extra miscellaneous content if time permits, which is unlikely. Miscellaneous content may be completely unrelated to post topic or even the author. Maybe last-minute opinions formed about the topic, or announcement of upcoming events in life, or just current feelings, including persistent but possibly reduced boredom. Maybe even a comment on how many times the words "maybe", "possibly/possible", "topic" and "post" have been used in the post. This segment may or may not include brackets.)