30 Jan 2011

Rain On My Parade

It's been raining almost nonstop these past few days. Even this morning till right now past 10pm. Already I see so many people ranting about the heavy rain and hoping that the rain will stop so they can get on with their outdoor stuff.

I on the other hand don't mind the rain at all. I like to think of the rain as a part of Mother Nature's services; providing mass air-conditioning, cleaning the dusty air around us, watering the plants, washing the vehicles etc. And it becomes soooooooo nice to lie in bed when the surrounding temperature is lower than the usual warm tropical heat. Sometimes the sound of the raindrops making impact with the ground outside provides a somewhat calming and sleep-inducing background noise too. Except when there is booming thunder accompanying the rain.

The heavy downpour has caused some problems for my school orientation programme(and I bet for other schools too) because the weather has led to cancellation of certain events. Even two days ago on Friday we were supposed to go around Singapore in a sort of Amazing Race frenzy, going to certain places and doing certain tasks, but the rain caused the sudden interruption of this game. As a result many students were disappointed, both those being orientated and those who planned and helped facilitate the event. (Well I'm not complaining...)

Now what all the Year 5 students of RI are worried about now is that the weather will persist throughout next week, which will lead to more cancellation of initial plans. Especially the campfire on the last night where I think everybody is allowed to just have fun outdoors within the school campus. As you may have guessed from reading the earlier portion of this post, I am not making a fuss about this either. I guess most of the times I never get so hyped up during any orientation period. Not in Year 1, not in Year 3(I couldn't go anyway), and not this year too. A good number of students would usually get so into the whole vibe that they end up really excitable, and become very agreeable and willing(in my opinion too willing) to do just about anything they're asked to do, like a stupid dance/cheer/song/dare. I don't think I've ever reached that level of "high", and I know a few classmates who probably didn't/wouldn't either.

Some of the students become so inspired by these orientation programmes(and for any school) that they want to help out in initiating the next batch of students by organising similar activities. Sure I don't mind them helping out, there's nothing wrong with it. But I'll probably never volunteer for that. By then I'll probably be too wrapped up in preparing for the A levels that I won't dare to sacrifice any valuable time I have in school for orientation. There are those who can quickly catch up on missed lectures and tutorials, and I reckon I'm definitely not one of them. But still if those students think they can handle it and it's worth spending their time on, go ahead. New students still need seniors to help them integrate anyway, so somebody has to fill up one of those spots.

(why is my keyboard going nuts I CAN'T TYPE QUICKLY NOW it's become so inefficient)

As I mentioned earlier, we should not complain endlessly about the rain. If your plans are foiled because of the rain, just think of something else equally fun or meaningful to do while indoors. The rain is a part of nature's tightly structured, and sometimes unpredictable maintenance system, so convincing the weather to stop raining for your sake will probably have low chances of success. Even if during Chinese New Year it still rains like it does now, you can still have fun inside your relatives' or your own house, or even go online!

(Of course I don't want it to rain like this FOREVER, that would be ridiculous)