11 Jan 2011

Past Entry 7

14 December 2010

It's been quite a while since I last worked on these Past Entries.

At time of writing, the year is nearing its end, and 2011 is slowly creeping up. It's 11 days to Christmas and 18 days to January 1st. I've only just revamped my blog a few days ago.

Usually I'd complain that I have to deal with holiday homework during the December holidays, but fortunately this is a rare year. No need for reading up on books to prepare for a multiple-choice quiz, and no need to do a research report on some topic that I'd hardly concern myself with.

And another thing is that next month I'd still technically be on holiday. School won't officially start until somewhere around February, but I'll still go back to school for some initiation stuff, giving me the chance to familiarise myself before the start.

...Ohh, there's this TV ad about this new upcoming game show testing Singaporeans on how well we know our country. Would this still be out by the time I read this post again?

You know, I'm really expecting a lot in the future, from next month onwards. New upcoming games, new shows, big celebrities coming here to perform, etc. Especially the performers coming here: I've seen a big list consisting of Santana, Michael Buble, The Eagles, Taylor Swift... How did we suddenly get such a huge lineup???

...but by the time I see this post again I don't think I'll even be free enough to see even one of these performances. I still should be able to see new movies though...

Oh well. I know that the next two years definitely cannot be taken lightly. I have to make use of whatever time I have in JC. Especially music, since next year onwards I'll have MEP to tackle along with my other subjects. I heard that I'll probably need to do live recordings of my compositions. Speaking of which I FINALLY got Finale 2011 yesterday!(punny) The notation software I've used so far are free but buggy, but I eventually spent money to get Finale. And the Garritan Orchestra sounds amazingly good!

Right now, one important question I've been wondering about is what class I'll be in next year. Who would be my classmates? Would I be with angels or demons? Would I be in heaven or hell? I've already asked myself this question twice before, but never really decided if I was satisfied with both answers. Even on hindsight I'm not sure if being placed in the previous two classes benefited me or did me harm.

For now, I should just indulge in my freedom and enjoy the rest of the holiday period. Let my body and soul unwind. At least I'm not doing holiday homework :)