22 Jan 2011


Well, the January Induction Programme(JIP) is ending soon on Tuesday. Which means orientation is coming. Great.

For those who don't know, the JIP is basically a way for those who come in earlier(the students in the RI Integrated Programme and the students who got admitted through by DSA) to get to know what will happen in Years 5 to 6, while we wait for the other students to apply and enter our school. So far it's only been talks, talks and more talks. Not that they're not completely irrelevant and boring, in fact they all contain vital information which I need to survive, and which I will likely forget partially.

At the moment the male and female students(I shouldn't use boys and girls now because we are all too old for that term, but at the same time I won't use young gentlemen and ladies either) are still separated from each other. Sure there's some mixing around during breaks but the two genders are still more or less segregated from each other... but not for long.

I already hate the fact that there's even a 4-day orientation period in the first place, let alone knowing just how silly it's about to become. Not just silly, maybe even chaotic. Considering how often some guys make rude jokes about the girls(and perhaps the other way around), I wonder what it'll be like when the two sexes collide. A violent reaction, maybe?

Hopefully through the orientation period, we could all understand each other and at least know how to treat students of the opposite sex, regardless of whether you have any affection for them or not. As far as I have heard, the "stereotypical" males tend to be more rugged, more physical, more straightforward, less sensitive etc, while the "stereotypical" females tend to be more empathetic, more vocal, more imaginative/creative, more prone to holding grudges etc, but it's okay to correct me if you want. I don't like to judge people by stereotypes.

Of course I won't chase the female students like the guys who think that doing so is normal and perfectly acceptable, and won't make them look like jerks. I wish the least I could do is at least make friends with some of the girls, but it's already kinda hard for me to make any proper friends in the first place...

For now there is another thing for me to worry about that is really close, and that's the audition I'm supposed to go for on Monday. I have to pass this(and probably an interview later on) to get into the Music class for JC. Being in the MEP for the last four years may not help me get an advantage at all. Let's hope I get through... >_<