1 Jan 2011

2010 + 1


2011 already?!? That's insane! Well at least everybody still has Sunday to recover. And we can still party into the night of 1 January 2011 without worry! (although accidents tend to happen very frequently around New Year's Day)

So I thought I should post some facts about the number 2011 or the year 2011 over here! Here goes:

  • 2011 in Roman numerals is MMXI, as you can clearly see from Google's current Doodle
  • 2011 is a prime number
  • There is only one Friday the 13th in 2011, and that is in May
  • 1 - (2 * 3) + ((4 * 567 * 8) / 9) = 2011
  • This year's New Year's Day is special, because the date is 1/1/11!
  • Two movies predict we'll be doomed in 2011; in Aeon Flux almost the entire human population is wiped out by a virus, while in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Judgement Day will take place on April 21st D:
  • The year 2011 will be the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar
  • There's already a partial solar eclipse coming really soon on January 4th! Not sure if we can actually see it in Singapore...
  • By the way, there are 3 other partial solar eclipses this year, and two total lunar eclipses in June and December respectively
  • ...and somewhere in May the planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Mars will all be visible within a roughly 6° area of sky
  • The UN has designated this year the International Year of Forestry and International Year of Chemistry
  • The Y1C Problem may hit computers in Taiwan and North Korea, since their calendars use A.D. 1912 as their Year 1, which would make this year their Year 100

Looks like there are already important things heading our way! And there are also lots of music acts planned here in Singapore too, not to mention the new movies coming(Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Harry Potter 7 Part 2 etc.) and video games. However that also means going back to school/work, and we have to take the good with the bad unfortunately... >_<