30 Jan 2011

Rain On My Parade

It's been raining almost nonstop these past few days. Even this morning till right now past 10pm. Already I see so many people ranting about the heavy rain and hoping that the rain will stop so they can get on with their outdoor stuff.

I on the other hand don't mind the rain at all. I like to think of the rain as a part of Mother Nature's services; providing mass air-conditioning, cleaning the dusty air around us, watering the plants, washing the vehicles etc. And it becomes soooooooo nice to lie in bed when the surrounding temperature is lower than the usual warm tropical heat. Sometimes the sound of the raindrops making impact with the ground outside provides a somewhat calming and sleep-inducing background noise too. Except when there is booming thunder accompanying the rain.

The heavy downpour has caused some problems for my school orientation programme(and I bet for other schools too) because the weather has led to cancellation of certain events. Even two days ago on Friday we were supposed to go around Singapore in a sort of Amazing Race frenzy, going to certain places and doing certain tasks, but the rain caused the sudden interruption of this game. As a result many students were disappointed, both those being orientated and those who planned and helped facilitate the event. (Well I'm not complaining...)

22 Jan 2011


Well, the January Induction Programme(JIP) is ending soon on Tuesday. Which means orientation is coming. Great.

For those who don't know, the JIP is basically a way for those who come in earlier(the students in the RI Integrated Programme and the students who got admitted through by DSA) to get to know what will happen in Years 5 to 6, while we wait for the other students to apply and enter our school. So far it's only been talks, talks and more talks. Not that they're not completely irrelevant and boring, in fact they all contain vital information which I need to survive, and which I will likely forget partially.

At the moment the male and female students(I shouldn't use boys and girls now because we are all too old for that term, but at the same time I won't use young gentlemen and ladies either) are still separated from each other. Sure there's some mixing around during breaks but the two genders are still more or less segregated from each other... but not for long.

11 Jan 2011

Past Entry 7

14 December 2010

It's been quite a while since I last worked on these Past Entries.

At time of writing, the year is nearing its end, and 2011 is slowly creeping up. It's 11 days to Christmas and 18 days to January 1st. I've only just revamped my blog a few days ago.

Usually I'd complain that I have to deal with holiday homework during the December holidays, but fortunately this is a rare year. No need for reading up on books to prepare for a multiple-choice quiz, and no need to do a research report on some topic that I'd hardly concern myself with.

And another thing is that next month I'd still technically be on holiday. School won't officially start until somewhere around February, but I'll still go back to school for some initiation stuff, giving me the chance to familiarise myself before the start.

...Ohh, there's this TV ad about this new upcoming game show testing Singaporeans on how well we know our country. Would this still be out by the time I read this post again?

9 Jan 2011

Title of ANOTHER blog post.

Observation of declining/small frequency of new blog posts, and perhaps a self-reminder to increase that frequency, and/or put up more Past Entries. Maybe a comment on the ever-changing speed at which time moves past us.

Complaint about lack of inspiration resulting in a current lack of topic to discuss, and/or declaration of boredom currently being experienced by self.

Question about why an earlier post similar to this one is most viewed on the blog. Expression of puzzlement and confusion.

Eventual formation of idea on topic to discuss, most likely related to academic matters. Small introductory discussion of said topic, broken by new and cleverly(?) positioned "More" link, only visible on the blog.

3 Jan 2011

Late Night Bloghopping 2

I myself didn't expect to end up doing this again.

And yet I am.

I don't know why really.

Well I consider it good karma to help other people's blogs get the notice they deserve anyway. So why not?

And why do I do it late at night??? I'm not sure.

But who cares? Let's get started!

1 Jan 2011

2010 + 1


2011 already?!? That's insane! Well at least everybody still has Sunday to recover. And we can still party into the night of 1 January 2011 without worry! (although accidents tend to happen very frequently around New Year's Day)

So I thought I should post some facts about the number 2011 or the year 2011 over here! Here goes:

  • 2011 in Roman numerals is MMXI, as you can clearly see from Google's current Doodle
  • 2011 is a prime number
  • There is only one Friday the 13th in 2011, and that is in May
  • 1 - (2 * 3) + ((4 * 567 * 8) / 9) = 2011
  • This year's New Year's Day is special, because the date is 1/1/11!
  • Two movies predict we'll be doomed in 2011; in Aeon Flux almost the entire human population is wiped out by a virus, while in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Judgement Day will take place on April 21st D: