30 Dec 2010

What's Happened So Far (Part 2)

Here's a continuation from the very previous post:








...and that's about all the important stuff I can find so far. I definitely can't put EVERYTHING that happened in 2010 all on my blog, there are websites made specifically for those kind of archiving purposes. And I won't keep talking about the Koreas conflict or the Wikileaks fiasco in detail here either. But just from looking at all these, it can remind you of how fast time passes by. Certain events that seem pretty recent may actually be months ago. Other current events actually drag on for long periods of time.

We can still learn a lot from all these events...

like the alarming situation that our natural environment is in

that we should cherish life

that we should make the most out of our limited time

the effects that conflict can bring

whether the truth is always desired

...among many things. Let's hope that 2011 will bring nicer things, and let us learn new lessons, gain new insights, and perhaps eliminate existing problems while tackling new ones.

(By the way, is 2009 considered the end of the decade or is it 2010???)