24 Dec 2010

'Tis The Night Before Christmas...

...and I am at home blogging. Only my parents and I are stirring in the house, but not a single mouse. In fact I haven't even encountered any mice anywhere around my house my entire life. We don't have any chimney to hang any non-existent stockings on for a red fat intruder to fill up with.

Nobody's sleeping at all at home. No weird dreams about sugar plums, and we don't wear silly night caps here because it's too darn HOT and HUMID! We don't have a lawn to inspect(our smaller balcony's the closest we have), and I don't see the moon anywhere; it's just a pitch black sky tonight. We won't see some big guy on a levitating sleigh pulled by reindeer at this time. I won't hear him shout at Dasher or Dancer or Prancer or Vixen or Comet or Cupid or Donder or Blitzen. Rudolph... I won't know if he's there or not since he can easily be mistaken for aircraft with his red illuminated nose.

This isn't the stereotypical Christmas Eve at all. I don't even live in the right climate in the first place! It's not even the right temperature, let alone have snow appear in sunny(or wet) Singapore. It really isn't a good setting to celebrate Christmas in. All those mall Santas still out on this island are probably feeling very uncomfortable in their outfits. The closest we have to winter are Snow City and the skating rink at the mall near Marina Bay Sands.

Well we can still exchange presents or watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas carolers sing jolly tunes. Some Christians may also perform the typical re-enactment of the birth of Jesus Christ at a church. (Did you know each year in USA more fake blood is ordered for use in acting out this scene than for Halloween?) Perhaps we can also eat log cake too, or even try out the new skating rink but that's just about as far as it goes in Singapore.

I don't think weather is the main problem. Australia right now is experiencing hot summer and yet they still can spread Christmas like Nutella on bread. They still have lots of Santas popping out despite the blistering heat. Maybe it's just that we're not enthusiastic enough about Christmas?

Anyway it's about half an hour more till the 25th. If you STILL haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet either you don't even intend to in the first place or you're SCREWED. Maybe you can say,"My presence here today and my love for you are my Christmas presents to you" or something else cheesy to make them forgive you or laugh off the incident. Or just buy a simple and ornate/humorous/cute greeting card(optionally with some money inside). It's the least you can do!

Oh right, from midnight I might put up more posts for the whole of Christmas related to Christmas-sy stuff. I feel I should make up for some void in my posts since I discovered that my number of posts keeps dropping annually...