15 Dec 2010

Powered by Boredom

Wow. It suddenly started raining heavily. Which by right is supposed to be usual weather for this time period, but so far the weather's been behaving quite erratically. I don't know if this is due to global warming or some super villain using a mega weather ray to control weather at will.

I had not planned on what to write about for this blog. I just thought that maybe if I just jump into this, I'd come up with something. I don't even have a title at this point. Who knows what I'll write for the rest of this post?

Just writing about what happened in my life recently is not really a good option. I hardly do anything significant during the holidays, because that's what holidays are meant for to me! Apart from receiving my Finale 2011 software a few days ago there's almost nothing else to talk about myself.

It's not very good for me to force myself to come up with new material every few days. I've seen other blogs where the writers publish a new post every day or two days, but the quality of the posts tend to get strained. They may put up useless trivial stuff like "erm... i'm really bored. can't think of stuff to write today. ....ok that's it. end." Or "so it started raining, bleh. now i'm stuck at home. just surfing the web looking at useless stuff..."

Great, now there's nothing to watch on TV too. That makes me even more bored.



Oh alright I'll stop here. NOW I've run out of things to write.