26 Dec 2010

Past Entry 3

31st December 2009, 9pm

So, another year is about to end in about 5 days? Time must really REALLY fly at supersonic speed, especially since this was written about a year ago. Maybe this time I'll have plans to go to somewhere more happening like Marina Floating Platform or something much earlier, instead of stuck at home again waiting for the live broadcast of the countdown + fireworks. Though I have a feeling the latter would repeat again.

This is the time when I should be going into a totally new territory called Junior College, but only for 2 years before something worse... :( This past version of myself is about to become Secondary 4, which is probably the pinnacle of secondary school life. The year when students of the same batch are supposed to be "leaders" and "role models" and the usual stuff mentioned by teachers, principals etc. 2010 was supposed to be the last year I make a difference in the secondary school, the last opportunity to cherish secondary school life. Even some students actually miss the horrible moments they experienced as a secondary student.

I don't know what I've achieved in 2010 yet, but I guess that's only up to me to know and decide. I'm kind of wondering what good things I will do, what new things I will learn, what wonderful surprises I'll get in 2010... and whether I'll regret thinking I'll get to do or experience such things.

Remember in this old post I mentioned I was listening to the Top 100 Songs countdown for 2009? Seems that Lady Gaga already nabbed a few top spots with her music(Just Dance was #9), which is already fantastic for a debut album; will she become even more phenomenal(and outrageous) in 2010? Speaking of music, what about Sezairi the 3rd Singapore Idol? What will happen to his debut album? Or Sylvia the runner-up? A lot of other big names have made impact in 2009(Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye West, Jason Mraz etc.), but will they become bigger in the next year? Hmm...

Oh yeah, what about the Youth Olympics 2010??? This is the event that Singapore was so eager to host for its very first occurrence, so I'm also curious as to how it will go. I've seen the mascots with weird appearances and names, but I don't think that will affect the main event THAT badly...

I'll get good answers for all these questions when I enter 2010. And I'll probably end up asking similar questions near December 31st 2010. It's also around this time that I might wish I could go back to the past years and linger there... but unfortunately nobody has exposed the secret techniques of proper time/space manipulation yet. At least not in 2009..... :P

Soon everybody will be entering into the next decade of the second millennium. And current readers will enter into 2011(one more year towards the supposed end of the world). If catastrophic events happen like in the movie 2012, I've spent my entire peaceful life studying. What a waste. Then again, there's no way National Service would be carried out even if Singapore survives... or will it???

Hopefully I've had one heck of a year in 2010, and will be able to enjoy 2011 even more than before! :)